What’s the Latest with Acton-Boxborough Football?

On behalf of Acton Forum, and as a local Acton-Boxborough Football parent, I contacted Gregg Fleming, President of AB Monday Night Quarterbacks (ABMNQ) for an update on what is happening with AB Football. I asked him about his duties as President of ABMNQ and a few other questions about the latest in the football program.

Throughout the years, ABMNQ has worked to support the football and cheer teams. ABMNQ is a booster organization formed in the late 1960s that is wholly comprised of football and cheer parents, with all help and support coming from player and cheerleader families. ABMNQ raises money through various fundraising activities such as clothing sales, a golf tournament, "Gold Card" sales, bake sales, the game-day 50/50 raffles, and the sale of ads in the annual program booklet. These efforts pay off by allowing our organization to provide scholarships to players and cheerleaders; sponsor an EMT for pre-season agilities and Captains' practices; host team-building activities such as pre-season barbecues, a pasta dinner, and tailgates; fund a variety of coaches’ needs including game films; offer bagged dinners for away games; provide awards, trophies, and gifts at the year-end banquet; and working directly with Emerson Hospital’s Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center sponsor baseline concussion screening for all football players in the 2018 AB High School Football Program.

Pop Warner combined with Westford, why and how does that work?

My understanding is that this is the first year in what some consider somewhat of a trial period. It was driven by the overall reduction in numbers in both programs. While each program could have fielded teams, the numbers are substantially lower than what’s been seen in prior years. The two programs have been effectively operating as one since early August and the combined teams are the “Grey and Gold Knights”.

What precautions are being implemented regarding concussions?

ABMNQ working directly with Emerson Hospital’s Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center (Emerson Hospital) sponsored free baseline concussion screening for all football players in the 2018 AB High School Football Program. This is the first time we’ve offered this opportunity to AB players and the response has been tremendous, with over 50% of the team taking advantage of the opportunity. The CDC has a wonderful FAQs page on Baseline Testing at: headsupbasics. According to the CDC “Results from baseline tests (or pre-injury tests) can be used and compared to a similar exam conducted by a health care professional during the season if an athlete has a suspected concussion.”

No more Freshman team - will that be for the foreseeable future?

The rationale is very similar to that of combining the AB and Westford Pop Warner programs. Simply put the numbers are down. We’ve got 63 players in the overall AB program across the 4 grades. The total number is down quite a bit over historical total. In addition, the distribution across grade is quite varied. For example, while we have 19 seniors this year we only have 11 Juniors. Going forward the decision is ultimately up to the Coaches, but if Pop Warner enrollment is any indication we’ll likely be limited to a JV and Varsity team for the foreseeable future.

What is the status of the lights at Leary Field?

As of September 16, two of the four light poles are installed. The scheduled completion date has slipped a number of times. So, I don’t want to speculate on a hard date, but they will be complete for our one, night, home game against Cambridge on October 19th.

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