Introduction to Candidates for Acton Board of Selectmen: David Martin

Acton Forum has contacted the candidates running in the upcoming election for the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday March 26, 2019. The first candidate to reply was David Martin and we thank him for his contribution.

After a decade (8 as chair) on the South Acton Train Station Advisory Committee (SATSAC), I am running for Board of Selectmen. My wife, Miriam Lezak, and I have lived in South Acton for 30 years. Our three daughters all went through the Acton and AB school systems. Although I've always worked in the software industry, my degree is in Civil Engineering. Since the town's larger projects involve construction, that background can be an asset.

As shown by my work on SATSAC, I am skilled with the public process and want to stay involved in Acton’s government. Initiatives often start with disparate opinions, so it's vital to solicit ideas from all sources. I can help steer the conversation to produce a common vision, and then drive the project to completion.

I support replacing the aging elementary schools, building a new fire station in North Acton, and revamping Kelley's Corner. However, we must always be watchful that the town receives the expected value from all projects. Fiscal prudence is a requirement. Work done by previous boards has helped Acton retain its AAA bond rating, which is vital as the town considers multiple large building projects.

Other than those three current building projects, I'm not running with any specific agenda. I will listen to all points of view in a fair and open-minded way, and I'm good at building consensus and achieving results.

For more information, see MartinForActon

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I commend your running for office though must admit I don't trust any elected or appointed politician because they seem to all support their values and not necessarily those of the voters.

Why should we build new schools? The school building where I was educated from 1945 through 1953 still stands and is still used as a school (East Boston, MA.) All the schools my spouse attended were over 150 years old and still are being used as schools.

Kelly's Corner can't be "made over" in anyway which can be financially justified. We have been discussing this area since I moved to Acton (1973). Nothing we have done to date has changed much (adding the turn lane might have been a positive. Whose business will you shut down? Whose employment will be terminated? Will the end result be anything similar to the changes to West Acton? West Acton was made worse with the "update".

A fire house for North Acton will go a long way towards comforting the residents. I know nothing about response times and what not to have a real opinion.

All the above are my opinions.