Acton Water District Proposed Real Estate Purchase. Upcoming Meeting

The Acton Water District (formally known as the Water Supply District of Acton) will hold a Special District Meeting at 7:30 on 10 October 2018 in the Acton Public Safety Building to consider and vote on two Articles, the main one, Article 1, is for the purchase of 11.23 acres of land from the Estate of Brewster Conant. The land is adjacent to the "Conant I" Well. The links below show the location and other related information.

The Acton Water District is a separate legal entity independent of the Town of Acton. All Acton residents who are registered voters are eligible to vote at the meetings of the District.

The purchase price is $1,095,000. I am told that the land is buildable, the value was determined by separate appraisals. The District intends to issue a 4-year bond for this purchase. The cost to a single-family home to repay the bond is estimated to be $35 per year for the four years. A $300,000 state grant for this purchase may be available, the District will apply for it but the chances of receiving it are unknown.

Given the proximity of this land to the Conant I and Conant II wells and the fair price this proposed purchase makes sense, I highly recommend that you attend the Special District meeting and vote for it. A 2/3 positive vote is needed --- "Your Vote Counts".

For more information, please follow this link.

Acton Water Special Meeting

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Sounds pretty straight forward...

What, if any, is the rationale to not do this? I'd be in favor in the purchase, but interested for background in any opposing argument.

More on the cost of the bond

Only Acton Water District customers will be repaying the bond, the cost will appear as a surcharge on their water bill. Sorry that I did not make that clear. Charlie


reply to DaveL

on behalf of Charlie: I am not aware of an argument against the purchase, but I will ask around.

Scott Smyers lives in Acton.