Candidate Information

Local Candidates: offers free hosting of your campaign website!

FREE HOSTING: We will host your website for the duration of the campaign at no cost. If you prefer to do your own web design, we will provide you with a password for your individual folder and you can upload your information to the site and change it at will. We will not edit your site unless there are personal attacks or something illegal that crosses a line.

WEBMASTER CHARGES: If you would prefer that we build your website, you only have to pay for the hours of our webmaster at $35 per hour. A deposit will be required but you will work directly with the webmaster and can control the costs depending on what you want him to do. We estimate the typical simple website only costs about $100 to setup with a few simple links and normal corrections/additions typically take 1/2 hour or less. Credit card or payment in advance required.

If you would like to have us link to your campaign website, would like us to host your website, or would like us to host and build your website, please email your information to Allen at

For rules and policies regarding our hosting, Click Here.