Update on lawsuit over CPA funding grants to local Acton churches

The lawsuit has just been approved to be heard by the Superior Judicial Court of Massachusetts (SJC) which will make the final decision. It is expected to be argued in September.

Besides the brief filed by the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (read it here: http://www.actonforum.com/sites/default/files/16P1675-Appellant_Brief.pdf ), there is an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit by the ACLU and the ACLU of Massachusetts. (Read their brief here: http://www.actonforum.com/sites/default/files/FINAL_Caplan_Amicus_Brief.pdf ).

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LOL at the Boston Globe

My wife still likes to get the Globe, but I only read it for laughs these days. We continue to receive the print version but I called today to cancel it. Now that winter is almost over, I don't need all that extra newsprint around for starting fires.

But last Sunday, the Globe had the irony of all ironies in its front-page story, titled "WE ARE STILL A NATION OF LAWS" (caps original!). To see this visually, click here: http://www.actonforum.com/sites/default/files/globecover.jpg

Sanctuary Town status discussed at Acton Board of Selectmen meeting

I attended the "surprise" BOS meeting which had the issue of Acton becoming a "sanctuary town" on the agenda, although if you had just read the agenda, you would have had no idea this was the actual topic for discussion. The issue was instead framed about making Acton a "safe community." Yeah, right. Safer for law-breakers, maybe, but not necessarily safer for law-abiders.

These Orwellian descriptions (used by both political parties) are getting quite annoying. We don't want to "offend" people so we come up with calling black, white and up, down.

No place for illegals in Acton

Some members of the Acton Board of Selectmen are going to attempt to make Acton a "sanctuary community." This is a terrible idea on so many levels and if you are opposed to defying federal law and encouraging illegal activity, you should attend the Board of Selectmen meeting this Monday and prepare to speak out against this outrage.

You can read some of the background materials on the town website here: http://doc.acton-ma.gov/dsweb/Get/Document-58011/040%20(3)%20%20Safe%20Communities%20Information.pdf.

Time to go full nuclear

I used to be a "moderate Republican." That was before the presidency of Barack Obama, who showed me that moderation and bipartisanship has no place in American politics, not for the foreseeable future, anyway.

Democrats and the media (sorry for the redundancy) like to say that Obama's decision to "use his pen and his phone" to unilaterally implement his agenda, illegally, and against the bipartisan history of the Senate, was OK because Republicans wouldn't compromise.

Health Insurance Working Group holds secret meeting

If something isn't broken, you shouldn't try to fix it.

Someone needs to explain this simple concept to our representatives on the Board of Selectmen and the AB Regional School Committee, who have chosen to negotiate changes to the health insurance plans and payments across all union entities in executive session rather than in public. That might be a reasonable procedure, except these same negotiations were done four years ago and everything was done in public. The process worked fine and the results were good, so why the change?

Silver dollar blues

In the Star Trek universe, members of Star Fleet do not get paid; at least, there is no reference to it that I can recall. Everybody seems to work for free and the reward is being able to be a member of the space-faring club and wear the snazzy uniform. They go on their five-year mission and all of their needs are taken care of.

They also never seem to use the restroom. Could it be the zero-g environment?

Donald Trump and lies

There was a very strange article last week in the WSJ, written by the editor, Gerard Baker. In it, he argued that Donald Trump told a lot of falsehoods, but they weren't technically lies because a liar needs to know they are lying when they utter the statement. If you don't know something is a lie, and it turns out to be false, you may be guilty of several things but lying may not be one of them.

Abandonment of allies soon to end

President Obama will be leaving office in four weeks. But before he goes, he'd like to remind the world why America's leadership role has been in severe decline, and he found an elegant way to do so by throwing Israel under the U.N. bus.

First Amendment and flag burning

I am a huge supporter of the First Amendment, but I understand why some people are very upset about protesters who burn the flag. Today's article will explain why we can't make it illegal to burn the flag.