Girardi Trying too Hard?


Arod on the verge of Sainthood?


It’s amazing how swiftly and unpredictably things can turn around in this crazy game. In February, Alex Rodriguez was a pariah being fitted for sackcloth and doused with ashes. In October, he is verging on sainthood.
Clark Booth 10/16/09 Pilot

Getting Back to 350

Three hundred fifty parts per million is the latest estimate of the maximum amount of CO2 our atmosphere can tolerate and still maintain the sort of climate to which human civilization is adapted and accustomed. Why should we care in Acton, and what can we do? An International Day of Climate Action has been called for October 24, and you can participate here in Acton, in Concord, or both. I share here what keeps me going, in the hope that it reminds you of what keeps you going.

Acton Eats: The Farm Stands of Route 119

Part 2 of a series

When I was little, my family would regularly take a fall leaf-peeping tour along Route 119, through Groton and Pepperell and to points beyond. Today, this road is considerably more built up than it was when I was a kid, but it's still a lovely drive. And plenty of farm stands still dot the route.

Acton Eats: Anticipation

If you're a foodie, there's nothing quite like the feeling of driving past an empty store front and seeing the sign "New Restaurant Coming Soon." The anticipation starts building. When will it open? What type of food will it serve? And, most importantly, will it be any good?

Acton Eats: The Orchards of Stow

Part 1 of a series

So, you still haven't bought your fall apples and your Halloween pumpkins yet? Not to worry. The autumn bounty is still plentiful and the foliage in Eastern Massachusetts hasn't even peaked yet. Weather permitting, the next two weekends will be great for getting outdoors to visit the area's orchards and farm stands.

Welcome to Acton Eats!

Hello everyone and welcome to Acton Eats, Acton Forum's new blog for food-related topics. My name is Mark Lo, and I'll be your host and moderator.

I've been following the local dining scene since moving back to the area in 1998 and am looking forward to sharing some of my opinions on where to eat in the Acton vicinity. I hope to bring you reviews of new restaurants that open in the area and will also revisit some of the many establishments that have been around for years. And I'll also be posting on other subjects dear to my heart, such as locally raised produce, craft-brewed beers, home cooking, and more.

Prescription for Post Season Depression


Robert "Boog" Powell Dalton's Hero


In the world of professional sports oftentimes we champion individual players but in towns and cities across America there are heroes on the sidelines working every day in youth sports to help kids learn life skills and to grow up. In my hometown Dalton Mass, we lost the school's athletic director this week, Robert "Boog " Powell, who was a natural coach of youth sports teams since he was in the 8th grade,a span of 40 plus years.

Massachusetts' Unfair Taxes and Mandates

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has taken many steps that have foreseeable results that are detrimental to the citizens and businesses in the state, yet our leaders seem oblivious to the logical results from those actions. Our politicians don't care when they make decisions that have a net-negative effect, so long as their constituencies are protected.

The issue we are all paying for now is the increase in the state's sales tax, from 5% to 6.25 - 7%. This is a 25% - 40% increase and is going to prove detrimental to all of us, directly or indirectly.