Make Acton Great Again

Wednesday morning's presidential shocker must have been like an earthquake in Acton, which showed how out of step it was with the rest of the country, supporting Hillary Clinton with 70% of the votes cast for president, to Donald Trump's 20%. A 70% margin in Acton is basically a sign of token opposition.

Post pardon depression

The presidential race is now too close to call, but in a few days, we will have a new president-elect. No matter who wins, I am pretty certain that President Obama will be issuing blanket pardons to the Clintons and their minions for all their illegal activities over the past eight years as they ran a "pay to play" operation under the cover of charity to enrich themselves. Of all this, there is now no doubt.

Stop the race-baiting

For the first part of the election, the primary, I didn't pay much attention. I ended up voting for Rubio, but the field was weak and I was an unenthusiastic voter. I would have support any of the remaining Republican candidates against the inevitable nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Now that Trump has emerged, I will vote for him. Trump has a lot of baggage, both as far as his conduct and his specific policies go, but he is far better then Clinton on both counts.

What If, part two

In a prior article, I suggested a "what if" scenario ( Here is another.

Women are not a special interest

The polls are showing a large gender gap between how men and women plan to vote for President. But don't be fooled by the Democrats into believing that women are a "special interest" that needs "protection." Women are the majority of our country and they should support the same general policies as men, despite what the Liberals want them to believe.

What continues to bother me about the Dems

I have had no success figuring out the mindset of Democrats. I am pretty sure they have minds, but how they work is a mystery.

It reminds me of ants. You can watch an individual ant run around the nest, always seeming to be on some important mission, only to watch it turn around and return, empty-legged. (Ants don't have hands. So maybe empty-jawed?)

But the colony itself has a purpose and it performs it remarkably well, despite the seeming randomness of individual members. Somehow the job gets done.

Middle-out malarkey

Thoughts on the third presidential debate....

Some examples of what an H. Clinton presidency would mean

Today's WSJ has another op-ed from former Senator Phil Gramm which goes through the history of Hillarycare and later Obamacare. Gramm's thesis is that Hillarycare failed in 1993 because of the loss of freedom that proponents built into the system in order to achieve the single-payer structure. Unless a medical provider had absolutely no connection to the government healthcare system, all providers had to follow the government rules. If some treatment wasn't covered, a patient couldn't get it. There were no appeals, no alternatives. In other words, a typical government-run program.

Trump and moral equivalencies

I believe people have a very hard time making logical deductions, especially when conclusions violate their sense of right and wrong. The recent Acton Senior Center debate at Town Meeting provides a recent (albeit trivial) example.

Quiz time: Testing your hatred of Trump

I am slowly working on my article explaining my decision to vote for Donald Trump. But another thought occurred to me which I wanted to explore first, and that is to question the depth of distaste for the guy among people who support his opponent.

So I am going to frame this as a self-awareness test and ask my readers to take it. I will ask the question about Trump but you can take this test regardless of which candidate you support by switching Trump for Clinton and vice versa. Have fun!