Is Health Insurance a Right?

From President Obama on down, we have heard repeatedly in the healthcare debate that Americans have a "right" to affordable health insurance. In my view, this is the critical issue and perhaps the reason why Democrats and Republicans have not been able to (and perhaps never will) reach a compromise.

These are the times that try men’s souls

“These are the times that try men’s souls”. So began “The American Crisis”, penned by Thomas Paine in the days just before Christmas, 1776. Those were the darkest days of America’s struggle for independence and freedom. 1776 had begun with high hopes as General Washington forced the British to abandon Boston in the early spring. Optimism soared as the Declaration of Independence was signed early that summer. Soon after, the tide turned as Washington’s young American army fled New York, chased by a superior enemy force across New Jersey into the cold, bitter winds of the approaching winter.

A Gift From Our Mother

Happy Holidays to everyone. The world gives us gifts every day
if we but look.

MBTA rejects Acton Alternative Plan for South Acton Station; SATSAC meets Thursday, 12/10 to discuss next steps

The MBTA is moving forward with plans to update South Acton Station as part of its Fitchburg Rail improvements project. Plans call for a 40-foot high, steel and glass structure, approximately five football fields in length, and a series of ramps and stairs that all commuters will need to negotiate, to a center platform, to access the trains.

Tony We Love Ya; Tony We Miss Ya

At noon today at Yankee Stadium next to the Babe Ruth Bat a group of friends of Tony Ferrara will gather to remember a man and pay tribute to his life which ended as we know it on Thursday after 84 glorious years. Ferrara is truly an ambassador for the game of baseball and he touched people on all levels of the game at their core with his heart.


Deficit Spending makes a comeback

About six or seven years ago, in what I remember was my first Acton Town Meeting, I was in the audience when someone got up to complain about the budget being presented that night.

"This budget is out of balance. You are using one-time revenues, called Free Cash, in order to fund operations. This is unsustainable."

That statement seemed self-evident. I knew from "Accounting 101" that one-time revenues shouldn't fund recurring operations. It leads to overspending.

Public Art

As a newcomer to Action I notice works of art that are displayed in public places.
This image show a portion of a stained glass window. It makes me think of stones, bubbles,
water and ice.

Do you know where it is? Do you know who the artist is?

Appel Overlooked by Israel Baseball League

In 2006 at the Dan Duquette Sports Academy we held the first ever tryout for a fledgling professional baseball league in Israel which was launched in 2007. We also held tryouts around the world in Los Angeles California, Miami, Florida, Dominican Republic and Israel. Apparently overlooked in tryouts for the league was a player who was right there under our own eyes for many of the talent sessions.....our PR consultant, the ubiquitous Marty Appel, former PR director of the New York Yankees.

Acton Eats: Ichabod's (Closed)

166 Great Road
Acton, MA
(978) 635-9269

The transformation is now complete.

When my family and I first visited Ichabod's Cafe, a couple of years ago, it was known as a place to grab a cup of coffee and a muffin, or maybe a sandwich. But the little cafe had higher aspirations, adding a dinner menu and a selection of Middle Eastern specialties. Then Ichabod's started serving alcohol and gradually began going more upscale. The cozy little breakfast nook of the front room has now vanished, only to be replaced by an intimate lounge area, where live bands play on Fridays and Saturdays.

Acton Images - Fall '09

I am a semi-pro photographer who has recently moved from Sudbury to Acton. I shoot primarily nature and landscape images, and would like to start a blog for other photographers in Acton to exhibit their work.

I hope the images on this blog will capture life in Acton - the events, history, and natural beauty of this town.

I look forward to seeing other posts and images.