The Boss: Simply Brilliant


After the final out of the World Series Wednesday night, George Steinbrenner's son Hal, Managing Partner of the New York Yankees, stepped to the podium and said "Dad, I know you're home watching with mom. This one's for you."

ASK ACTON FORUM : A town Crematory ?

Question from an ActonForum reader :

Is the town considering building a crematory at one of the town cemeteries?

ActonForum reply :

It is being considered. We sent the question to the town Cemetery Commission and received the following reply from Stephen Barrett (Town of Acton Finance Director) :

"A proposal was put forth at a staff meeting this year to build a Town owned Crematory.
The proposal is currently being vetted."

Individuals versus Institutions in U.S. Healthcare Debate

With the surprising results of the latest election cycle, where Republicans won the New Jersey governorship (beating incumbent Jon Corzine), perhaps some voters are getting a bit more suspicious of President Barack Obama's message of change. Perhaps some are beginning to wonder if change is always good, even when you don't know what the change is going to be. Many of the proposals we've been hearing lately from Washington are downright scary.

ASK ACTON FORUM: Proposed new daycare center on Main Street

Question from an ActonForum reader about the proposed new daycare center :

Hi, We've been in and out of town lately, and missed the upshot of the debate over the new daycare center at 27 & rt. 2. There was nothing in the Beacon about any approval and the debate seemed to have just rolled over and died.

Can you fill us in? Thanks.

ActonForum reply :

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Bravo Bill, Bravo!

With his team's next win on the gridiron, Acton Boxborough High School's Bill Maver will have 200. The first 3 wins were for his hometown Quincy, MA: the last 196 for AB. Football in Acton MA is part of the fabric of the community and has been in its heyday for the past 15 years of Maver's 23 leading the High School.

7 Keys to the World Series


7 Keys to the World Series

I believe this years World Series is going to be the most entertaining series of the last several years simply because it has the
most talented teams: the Yankees and the Phillies. The exciting thing is they matchup to each other like a mirror image.

Best Slugger Arod vs Howard
Best SS Jeter vs Rollins

Best 2B Cano vs. Utley
Best LHP & SP Sabbathia vs. Lee
Best Closer Rivera vs. Lidge

Acton Eats: The Super Stands

Part 3 of a series

In my previous two posts, I mentioned a few area orchards and farm stands that are worth visiting if you want to get in on the fall harvest. But picking your own apples takes time, and most farm stands carry a limited selection of products. What if you want to grab some fresh cider and a few pumpkins and also pick up tonight's dinner and a few other groceries while you're there? For this type of occasion, there's always the super stand.

Girardi Trying too Hard?


Arod on the verge of Sainthood?


It’s amazing how swiftly and unpredictably things can turn around in this crazy game. In February, Alex Rodriguez was a pariah being fitted for sackcloth and doused with ashes. In October, he is verging on sainthood.
Clark Booth 10/16/09 Pilot