Teachers’ Union Demonstration – Rallying for Respect or Bullying for Benefits?

How ironic that the anti-bullying task force came back to report on its findings at the May 6, 2010 School Committee (SC) meeting the very same night that the teacher's union decided to try to bully the School Committee.

I don't know what else to call it, when over 200 staff members (two-thirds of the AEA membership) show up at a School Committee meeting to protest being "disrespected" by members of the School Committee.

If you've attended any School Committee meetings, you know that many of the SC members do act disrespectfully to the public. I've seen it, and I've experienced it.

Does Acton use "flaggers" or just police details ?

Question from an ActonForum reader

wondering if you know whether Acton utilized any "flaggers" (to replace police details) during 2009 or is the police dept. dedicated to using only police details???

AskActonForum reply

We asked the Acton Chief of Police, Frank Widmayer, to explain the "flaggers vs. police detail" situation. His reply :

What's happening with the rail trail?

Question from an ActonForum reader

Who would have thought that Chelmsford (Chelmsford! Of all places!) could get their section of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail done before Acton. What's up with that?

ActonForum reply:

ActonForum thanks Tom Michelman for this information :

The BFRT is being built in phases from North to South. The Chelmsford / Westford portion for years have been scheduled to be built prior to the Acton portion.

The attached has some details on the BFRT history.

Acton Eats: Po's Ribs and Barbecue

Po's Ribs and Barbecue
344 Great Road
Acton, MA
(978) 264-3110

Barbecue restaurants are popping up all over the place, like dandelions in a spring lawn. I wouldn't be surprised if one day every town had its own barbecue joint, just as every town has its own pizza shop today.

Acton's entry into the arena is Po's Ribs and Barbecue, located next to CVS in the Acton Woods Plaza, at the intersection of Routes 2A and 27.

I just solved all our nation's problems.

Well, this is my inaugural blog. I have never blogged and I would not really categorize myself as a self-promoter so publishing my random thoughts on a blog is strange for me. So far I said that I am private and not a self-promoter but I do have some value here. My mind works in slightly different ways than what constitutes “normal”, and I feel at home taking artistic license and combining it with a problem of the day. This is my commitment as a blogger. Before I start, I remind us all to hate the blog but not the blogger.

Town Meeting - We could have done better on police union contract

On Monday night, April 5, Town Meeting will be asked to approve the funding for the first of several municipal union contracts that have expired. This one is for the police supervisor's union, which is comprised of eight officers. (The others are still in negotiation and won’t be presented to this Town Meeting.) Article 12 is for the last three years and Article 13 goes forward another three.

Which political party is more corrupt?

Which political party is more corrupt? Republicans or Democrats?

Before you answer, be careful: It is a trick question.

The answer is both of them. More accurately, it is all of them.

The communists are corrupt, the fascists are corrupt, and the socialists are corrupt. The federalists and the whigs were corrupt. Royalty is corrupt.

Politicians aren't the only ones. We know many business leaders are corrupt. Lawyers, accountants, doctors and dentists can be corrupt. People we trust with our lives and our life's savings can be corrupt.

Acton Eats: Crossroads Cafe

Crossroads Cafe
405 Nagog Square
Acton, MA
(978) 263-9733

On Saturday night my family had nothing planned for dinner, so we decided to go out to grab a bite to eat. We didn't want anything too fancy, too expensive, or too spicy, so we found ourselves at the Crossroads Cafe.

We hadn't been in several years, but the place looked just as we remembered it: dark wood tables, high-backed booths, and vintage photos of Boston landmarks and sports teams. The bar area seemed to be made of wall-to-wall TVs, some of which were probably added since our last visit.

Acton Needs an Endowment

Acton’s budget system is a mess. As a town, we rely on property taxes, which is a stable source of revenue, but we also depend on fees and state aid. State aid is particularly fickle. Every few years, there is a statewide crisis and that trickles down to us, which causes a local crisis.

And in a downturn, like we have now, we choose to spend reserves instead of cutting back expenses. This sets us up for an override in a future year. These overrides are divisive and cause catastrophe if they don’t pass. This is a terrible way to manage long-term finances.

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching

Pitching,Pitching, Pitching

Everyone once in a while something comes along which explains things clearly and concisely and for pitching that times is now. For the past several years I have been searching for a partner at www.duquettesports.com to teach pitching, which is probably the least understood and most valuable component of any game. Until now I couldn't find the right fit but all that has changed with the advent of www.3psports.com.