End of Civility

I am a fairly relaxed individual as far as allowing people to be free and pursue their likes. I am not stuck on the oppressive, conformist societal weight of the earlier years of our history. However, I am witnessing the disintegration of civility and it makes me sad.

Increased personal liberties need not be accompanied by crude behavior. More and more, I notice disrespect between common strangers. Many times, this comes in the form of what looks like a complete lack of effort of ones behalf to even utter the fewest of syllables to another person.

Middle Ground

I am a Scott Brown supporter, not just because he is a Republican, but because he is a moderate. And he is proving that nearly every week as he decides which Obama initiatives to support and which not to support.

But notice how his critics personally attack him when he disagrees with them, but praise him when he supports their position. Is it fair to commend him today and vilify him tomorrow? Isn't he the same person?

Acton Eats: Monsoon

Monsoon Indian Bistro
273 Great Road
Acton, MA
(978) 493-5200

My wife and I have a tendency to overlook Monsoon. It's not that we don't like Indian food, but rather that our ten-year-old son can't handle the spice. But with our son spending the week with his grandparents, we had a chance to remind ourselves that Monsoon is one of the more reliable restaurants in town.

Looking into the Crystal Ball....

Town Manager Steve Ledoux has publicly stated that the union contracts he negotiates with the municipal unions will be "zero cost increase" contracts. This means that the increased cost to the town for all employee expenses will be zero over the next three years.

This doesn't mean that the employees will not get raises. The raises will be modest, but they will be balanced off with changes in the health insurance plans, so that the expensive plans will be phased out and lower-cost plans (HMOs) will be used by all.

Ask ActonForum: Type of Chlorine in Water?

Question from an ActonForum reader:

43 Mass. communities have apparently been buying chlorine from China Amesbury discovered problems (clumping,etc.) with the product. Does the Acton Water Dept. us this China-produced chlorine?

AskActonForum Reply:

The other shoe is dropping

When my favorite socialist, Barack Obama, was running for election, he claimed that he could cover his expensive social programs and unfunded mandates without raising taxes on the middle class. Remember that?

At first, he said that individuals making over $200,000 a year, or couples making over $250,000, would not see a tax increase under his administration. I never believed that assertion no matter how insistent he was in repeating it. Did you? Do you really think money grows on trees and the "wealthy" can pay for everything?

Acton Eats: Spicepepper Garden

Spicepepper Garden
36 Great Road
Acton, MA
(978) 369-8808

Spicepepper Garden has certainly started off with a bang. The Sichuan and sushi restaurant opened its doors at the beginning of May, and its parking lot is full just about every time we go by. My family and I made our first visit there on a Sunday night and found it just about filled to capacity, except for the bar area, which remained almost empty.

Acton School Committee Open Meeting Law Violations: THE COVERUP MAY BE WORSE THAN THE OFFENSE

When Charlie Kadlec and I filed the Open Meeting Law complaint against the School Committees in Acton, it took over nine months for the Middlesex DA to rule that eight meetings of the School Committee and/or its subcommittee had violated the Open Meeting Law. This issue was explored by the local paper as well as on Acton Forum SEE ARTICLE.

Missing Flag on Davis Monument

Question from an ActonForum reader

I have noticed that the American flag has been missing from atop the Center Monument. Is there some reason? It was a shame not to have it flying on Patriot's Day and we are now approaching Memorial Day and still no flag.

AskActonForum reply

We asked Dean Charter, the town's Facilities Director to help answer this question. Here is his reply :

Special Town Meeting June 14th, 2010

Question from an ActonForum reader

What is the purpose of the June 14th Special Town Meeting ?

AskActonForum reply