Boston Globe endorses Charles Manson for Governor

(BOSTON, MA) - Today's Boston Globe endorsed Charles Manson (D-Calif.) for governor of Massachusetts, calling him "not perfect, but better than the alternative."

"We were under a lot of pressure to endorse a Charlie, and this was the best we could do," they said in a prepared statement.

"Charlie Baker is a nice enough guy, but he just doesn't have the judicial experience that Mr. Manson has, and that could be necessary sometime over the next four years," the Globe editorial board said.

The REAL Value of the Caouette-Simeone Farm

There is much to take issue with in MMunson’s blog, but I will restrict my comments to a few important points.

Ask ActonForum: Why is the Town replacing street signs ?

Question from an ActonForum reader:

"Where is Acton getting the money to replace street signs with larger ones that have the town seal on them? What a waste ... nothing wrong with the old ones."

AskActonForum reply

We asked Steve Ledoux, Acton's town manager, to help answer this question. Here is his reply :

"The Federal Government is requiring that all municipalities nationwide comply with the Federal Manual Uniform Traffic Control Device regulations, which require changes in size and reflectivity of street signs.

Atkins and Hayes for State Rep; Thompson for State Senator

There are two major criteria for picking who to vote for in an election. First, you can look at the candidates and decide who best reflects your opinions. But no one is going to exactly match what you think, and politicians are known to vote differently than promised on occasion, so that isn't a foolproof voting strategy.

The second is to make a judgment on elected officials if running for re-election.

Acton Eats: Local Ethnic Grocery Stores

When I was growing up, you pretty much had to go to Boston or Cambridge if you wanted to buy any kind of ethnic groceries, beyond soy sauce or those chow mein noodles that look like wood shavings, that is. But as recent waves of immigrants moved out to the suburbs, ethnic grocery stores followed them, allowing families to prepare the dishes of their homeland. This has also been a boon to home cooks who like to dabble in the cuisines of other countries, as it is now possible to locate many previously hard-to-find ingredients without making a long-distance shopping trip.

And, we're lucky enough to have several such stores right here in Acton.

Statement: State Representative candidate Kurt Hayes pledges support for municipal healthcare design plan reform.

Just like with the largely cosmetic pension, ethics, and transportation reforms that Beacon Hill Democrats herald as ‘historic’, the Municipal Relief Act that recently passed the House on a straight party-line vote is long on rhetoric and short on real reform that provides actual immediate relief to municipal budgets that are in crisis.

Where's Ledoux?

Every three years, the School Committee makes its most important decision, which is to negotiate and approve new contracts with the school unions. There are three unions; one represents the custodial staff, one for office support staff, and one for teachers. Collectively, these agreements commit the town to about $75 million dollars in spending over three years.

Often, at Town Meeting, speakers lament that we get locked into these contracts and have over-committed our financial resources. So it is very important that when the contracts come up for renewal, we tread very carefully.

Acton Eats: Daniela's Bar and Grille (Closed)

Daniella's Bar and Grille
103 Nagog Park
Acton, MA
(978) 264-0300

It's been quite a road for the restaurant known as Daniela's. When my wife and I first tried it, it was a humble little taco shop known as Daniela's Tacorito. Then it acquired a liquor license and spruced up its menu, turning into the small but sophisticated Daniela's Cantina. When the Asian eatery Tobiko closed up shop, Daniela's moved into the vacant space at Nagog Shopping Mall, dropping the Cantina from its name and officially becoming Daniela's Bar and Grille.

Acton Eats: Julie's Place

Julie's Place
208 Main Street
Acton, MA
(978) 263-3258

Julie's Place makes no pretenses to fine cuisine. Instead, the Main Street restaurant might be the closest thing Acton has to a true diner, serving up simple, homestyle meals.

Owner Julie Saganich served only breakfast and lunch to her faithful patrons for several years. Then, a few months ago, she expanded Julie's, taking over the space vacated when the neighboring Daniela's Cantina moved to the Nagog Woods area. Now Julie's boasts a full dinner menu and has a small lounge area, to boot. When you enter the restaurant, you'll see the familiar lunch counter in the room to the left, while a second dining area and the bar sit to the right.

Press Release: State Representative candidate Kurt Hayes to hold “Conversations with Kurt” town-hall voter forums in August.

State Representative candidate Kurt Hayes announced today that in August he will hold an informal town-hall style forum in each town of the 37th Middlesex district. The events are open to all interested voters. Each voter forum, dubbed “Conversations with Kurt”, will be one hour in length and will take place in the local public library.