Acton Eats: ScupperJack's (Closed)

3 Nagog Park
Acton, MA
(978) 263-8327

ScupperJack’s is a long-time local favorite, dating back to when it was part of the former Rusty Scupper chain. In fact, I can remember eating there with my parents when I was little. Legions of diners still flock there for simple American dishes, like steaks and seafood, which are for the most part skillfully prepared.

A day care facility for 262 kids at the intersection of Routes 2 and 27 is still a bad idea

Two years after the Town denied the building permit, the proposal for a New Generation day care building at 368-352 Main Street is back as a proposed settlement of the litigation brought against the Town by the developer. The differences between the so-called “substantially revised” plan and the original design are mostly cosmetic and do not reduce the public safety risks. (Use the link below for all of the documents, which are on the Town website).

The selectmen should not approve the proposed settlement.

South Acton Station -- More than aesthetics at stake

Those engaged in the heated debate about the design of the South Acton train station have one key thing in common – we all want a station that works for the neighborhood and promotes access. Most of us, I believe, also understand that the overall Fitchburg Line improvement project should move forward. It is the how we get to that end that seems to be dividing us.

New Years Resolutions - Getting started - Taking the emotion out of exercise and weight loss.

We have all been the beginner at something. Exercise for many is part of who they are. However, for many more, it is a confusing, negative, difficult and depressing undertaking. What makes it this way?

Acton Eats: Il Forno (Closed)

Il Forno
508 Nagog Park
Acton, MA
(978) 263-5311

[Author's Note: Il Forno's is now down to two locations, in Fitchburg and West Boylston.]

Il Forno in Acton's Nagog Park has been a popular spot from the moment it opened its doors. The local Italian chain also operates restaurants in Fitchburg, Westborough, and West Boylston. I've heard some detractors complain Il Forno is on the pricey side, but such comments make me wonder if they've even dined at the restaurant.

Acton Eats: Atlantic Sea Grill

Atlantic Sea Grill
77 Great Road
Acton, MA
(978) 263-3162

Over the years, Atlantic Sea Grill has become one of those restaurants my family and I turn to time and time again. When the hour is getting late and we want a place that's both nearby and familiar, Atlantic Sea Grill is where we tend to go. We're rarely surprised by the food we receive, but when you're tired and hungry, sometimes that's a good thing.

Win the Home Weatherization Raffle

Hello Acton Forum readers! Here's a blog enttry that's an invitation: If you play your cards right, you could have a dozen volunteers for a three-hour work session (under the guidance of skilled team leaders) to reduce your energy bill. We will reduce drafts, install water-saving devices, replace those hard-to-reach incandescent light bulbs with efficient ones, and more.

School Committee: Do what is best for our children

The School Committee (SC) makes difficult decisions every meeting, but the one decision it doesn't need to make is whether it should balance what is good for the kids with what is good for taxpayers. They should always be on the side of the kids. That's their primary job.

Congratulations, Democrats!

Democrats in Massachusetts should feel pretty good about the statewide elections last Tuesday. They won a clean sweep of all the major offices, even as the national mood has shifted away from President Obama.

Congratulations, Democrats!

Most fiscally conservative voters chose to vote for Republicans or Independents, but the Democratic "machine" was simply too powerful, and the anti-incumbency feeling did not permeate very far here.

So now what? I would like to suggest that we give the Democrats what they want. Let me explain.

Acton Eats: Harmony's Cafe and Market (CLOSED)

Harmony's Cafe and Market
263 Main Street
Acton, MA
(978) 263-0888

Harmony's Cafe and Market, Acton's newest eatery, is a rather unique place. Where else can you grab coffee and a breakfast sandwich in the morning, have a fresh deli sub for lunch, grab freshly made Chinese takeout for dinner, and pick up some Asian groceries to prepare at home the next day? Just opened this month, Harmony's is owned by New Concept Mart, which also runs A&M Corner Mart, the Chinese grocery store near the South Acton train station.