How Obama incubated a more dangerous Trump

It is now official. Trump is running against the Shemailer.

I like that nickname. Perhaps Trump will find it and start using it.

Let's not turn the U.S. into Europe

I'm a big fan of science fiction. What I love about it is that it is often able to present moral dilemmas in a different context. Well, that and all the goofy aliens.

Why Republican leaders should not be boycotting Trump

Donald Trump is not the anti-Christ. He is not Hitler. His election will not lead to an American dictatorship and is not against Democracy. He is not a fascist. Our current occupant of the White House has taken actual steps to weaken our democracy and the rule of law, while Trump is a blowhard who says things off the cuff and is unlikely to do half of what he says when he finds out that he needs accomplices in the legislature to achieve his goals.

Republican Establishment dogma on trade

Republicans are generally for free trade. They supported efforts to make trade deals like Bill Clinton's NAFTA, because more trade reduces costs to consumers. There is really no question that in the short term, lower prices are a boost to our economy.

Acton Education Association of Socialists

I despise public-sector unions. They are socialist organizations whose sole purpose has become increasing the pay and benefits of their members.

These organizations (of police, fire, and teachers) could actually be fantastic groups helping to improve public safety, fire safety, and education, among other things. They could also bring issues and awareness to management and become public policy experts to help our country move forward. Instead, they do the exact opposite.

Canadian rule-followers

I'm up in Canada (Quebec City) on vacation, and am doing a lot of walking around for fun and exercise. I have my headphones on, but no Acton Forum t-shirt! And as I get around, I have been witnessing a subtle but dangerous mind-control experiment that the Canadian government is performing.

If I am assuming too much, please forgive me. But I have witnessed this behavior so many times up here that I doubt it is a coincidence. And what is troubling is that this same mindset is moving south across the border, and I have witnessed it in Acton often, too, although not to the same degree...yet.

The value of the Pet Rock

People who believe in socialism around here are very quick to draw a line between socialism and communism. Socialism, they say, is really just a benign system that is fairer than capitalism, sort of a compromise between the two systems...and who doesn't like to compromise?

Taking a stand on the separation of church and state

Acton Town Meeting has a sorry history of approving Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for questionable purposes, from rehabilitating old pianos with no historical value to transferring public funds into private pockets under the guise of "historic preservation." But perhaps no CPA spending is more odious than using public funds to directly support private religious organizations.

Acton Lions Trivia

“Through my involvement in Lions, I received a greater awareness of the outside world and of the many opportunities that exist to serve other people,” said President Jimmy Carter. He also spoke to his time as a Lion as being as close to being an elected official as one could get.

The death of bipartisanship

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) had an opinion piece published in the WSJ today ( which clearly explained his vision for how the Senate should work in our government system. He talked about reaching consensus, building coalitions, and giving the system time to make changes that both parties can, eventually, support.