A Search for Contributors - Acton Forum is Seeking Short- and Long-form Articles or Reports

Acton Forum is open to anyone interested in regularly blogging on the Acton Forum. Topics can be related to anything and everything going on in Acton (or Boxborough). If you are someone like that, please contact us.

However, for many of us, preparing a regular blog is too much of a commitment. People are more willing to contribute in smaller ways, such as answering a few questions, reporting on an important committee meeting, discussing the pros and cons of an upcoming local vote at Town Meeting, or promoting an upcoming event. There are many people who are active in many aspects of our community that are more than willing to participate in a short interview-style or prepare a topical article. Consider keeping it short and to the point or provide lots of details. It depends on your topic and what you have to say.

You will soon read some examples across some diverse topics starting with youth sports, who maintains the trails on conservation land, and, of course, politics! If you are inspired to contact us and contribute your own reporting or writing, please do.

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