The Great Acton Energy Challenge - 400 signups by March 15

Every house leaks energy. But where, and how much? That's your money radiating away from your home. Green Acton, the Town of Acton and AB PIP STEM have teamed up with Sagewell, Inc. to offer a FREE Thermal Imaging and Energy Analysis to Acton homeowners, and access to ways to fix those leaks.

But it will only happen if 400 households sign up by March 15 - please consider signing up now at

Sagewell is a local Massachusetts energy efficiency company that measures heat loss by collecting thermal images from a special truck. According to the Department of Energy, building envelopes (exterior walls, doors, roofs, chimneys, foundations and sills) are the single largest source of energy loss in residential buildings. Sagewell's Thermal Imaging and Energy Efficiency Analysis Report quickly identifies problem areas in your building envelope and recommends cost-effective energy efficiency retrofit solutions. It is the first step toward a more energy efficient home.

Here's a sample energy report that you can look at online, or download as a PDF:

The Town of Acton needs 400 homeowners to sign up by March 15th. Sagewell will image these houses and the majority of municipal buildings in town, and, further extend the offer to additional residents. Other towns such as Medfield, Arlington, Hamilton-Wenham, and Lexington are participating in this same opportunity.

Sagewell technicians drive by your house and take an infrared image. No appointments are necessary and no one will enter your home. After Sagewell completes the drive-by, they will let you know how to access the image of your house along with a confidential and password-protected analysis report, accessible only by the homeowner. The drive-by and the report are free. This report will show you where the energy leaks are in your house with an image that shows heat loss with color variations. If you decide to bring in contractors to fix the problems, you can share the images and the report with them.

Alert readers of the Acton Forum will know that this can't really be free. How can this be done at no cost to homeowners or the town of Acton? Sagewll has figured out that some people that sign up for these free thermal scans and the detailed report that comes with them are also interested in fixing problems that are found. Sagewell gets paid by a small set of licensed energy contractors who are put in touch with homeowners if they request contact with specialists in windows, doors, insulation, or general residential energy experts. These contractors and specialists will let you know about the various state and federal rebates and incentives available that will help you pay for any repairs. It's a win all around, and I encourage you to sign up if you are an Acton homeowner.

Notes about privacy: Sagewell technology cannot see into your home. Vegetation between the road and the house blocks heat coming from the house, and, therefore Sagewell will be unable to measure heat losses from the part of the house that is shielded by vegetation. All measurements are taken from public streets from a vehicle driving past homes at normal street driving speeds; Sagewell does not drive on private driveways. Only the homeowner is allowed to register and view the property report of that home. Sagewell does not sell e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Any communication will be from Sagewell and e-mails from Sagewell can be stopped at any time on request. No company other than Sagewell will contact homeowners unless the homeowner has specifically requested contact from another company.

For further information including how to sign up, visit And please let your friends that are Acton homeowners know about this as well.


Good News: Energy Challenge deadline extended to March 31

Great News: Over 550 people have signed up so far, so now we can move on to Phase II! Thank-you!

The deadline has been extended: If you are an Acton homeowner, you now have at least until March 31 to sign up for free thermal imaging of the exterior of your house, a free analysis of those images showing energy leaks, and access to a variety of contractors to help fix any problems uncovered.

If you haven't already signed up, we encourage you to go to to register for access to your password protected energy analysis report as soon as it is ready.
Because we reached our first milestone, the Sagewell trucks are now rolling each night that is below 45 degrees and not rainy, taking images of every Acton house they can image from a public street.

Sign up by March 31 to be included in this first wave of analysis reports.
Sagewell is now imaging municipal buildings as well and analysing those results to see what can be done to reduce the municipal energy bill.

More information and frequently-asked questions at, or contact us at or 978 631-0875.

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The Great Acton Energy Challenge team,
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