Bravo Bill, Bravo!

With his team's next win on the gridiron, Acton Boxborough High School's Bill Maver will have 200. The first 3 wins were for his hometown Quincy, MA: the last 196 for AB. Football in Acton MA is part of the fabric of the community and has been in its heyday for the past 15 years of Maver's 23 leading the High School. Acton is always in contention for the Dual County League Championship but from 1994 to 2004 Maver's teams also played for their Division Super Bowl 9 of 10 seasons and peaked from 2001 to 2004 when they won 52 straight games, 4 consecutive Super Bowls and Coach Maver was honored by the New England Patriots as 2004 Coach of the Year.

1994 (A-B) 11-0-0 (55-43-5 overall) Won Super Bowl
1995 (A-B) 10-1-0 (65-44-5 overall) Lost Super Bowl
1996 (A-B) 8-4-0 (73-48-5 overall) Lost Super Bowl
1997 (A-B) 8-2-0 (81-56-5 overall)
1998 (A-B) 8-3-0 (89-59-5 overall) Lost Super Bowl
1999 (A-B) 10-1-0 (99-60-5 overall) Lost Super Bowl
2000 (A-B) 9-3-0 (108-63-5 overall) Lost Super Bowl
2001 (A-B) 12-1-0 (120-64-5 overall) Won Playoff, Super Bowl
2002 (A-B) 13-0-0 (133-64-5 overall) Won Playoff, Super Bowl
2003 (A-B) 13-0-0 (146-64-5 overall) Won Playoff, Super Bowl
2004 (A-B) 13-0-0 (159-64-5 overall) Won Playoff, Super Bowl

Beyond the team accomplishments and the stable exemplary program, which he built for the community, as a teacher Maver mentored hundreds of young men searching for identity through sports. I thank him for giving our son Daniel a chance to be manager of the Jr. High baseball team in 7th grade giving him the confidence to make the playing squad in Grade 8, and for giving him opportunity to contribute on football special teams. I also thank Coach Maver for developing our son Dana to play QB. As a sophomore he played the 2nd half against Boston Latin and that gave him confidence he could play varsity football and be part of an elite society of men which he is fearlessly proud to represent today.

I wanted to hear more about the man from locals, so I asked around town to Ray Gallant who has coached with Bill for years who said, "Bill Maver is one of the finest men I have ever met. He is tough, fair, a student of the game both past and present. Most importantly his priorities are always with his student-athletes best interests in mind. I was very fortunate to have my own son play for such an outstanding coach. Players can see right through you if you are a phony, or are in it for yourself. This would never apply to a Bill Maver coached athlete. There is no AB player that can ever say that Coach Maver didn't give him a chance, teach him properly and teach him about life as well as football. Coaching with him has been a blast. It has been a great ride with one of my best friends." If you want to hear more testimonials, go to the morning game at Westford Academy on Thanksgiving Day and ask the returning players what coach Maver has meant to them.

Think about this...any community that has a teacher in the Physical Education program at the Junior High School who also happens to coach Jr. High basketball, baseball, physical conditioning, weight training and HS football has a real gem. Current Natick High School football coach and Athletic Director Tom Lamb who is also a member of the 200 win club said "there is no better, wonderful example of consistent, hard working, professional, knowledgeable coaching than Bill and his staff. Also being a gentleman and a winner is a special combination that is hard to find!! The AB football team has been blessed with a special person!"

Bravo Bill, Bravo!

Join the community and watch the current AB team Fridays Nov 6 and 13 at Leary Field in Acton MA at 7pm.

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