The Boss: Simply Brilliant


After the final out of the World Series Wednesday night, George Steinbrenner's son Hal, Managing Partner of the New York Yankees, stepped to the podium and said "Dad, I know you're home watching with mom. This one's for you."
So it was clear to everyone, the Captain of the Yankees, SS Derek Jeter set the record straight: "He's the reason we're here. First of all, we wouldn't be in this stadium if it wasn't for him. We wouldn't have this group together if it wasn't for him. This is a special moment. ... He deserves it."

Game 6's winning pitcher, the winningest pitcher in post season history with 18 victories, Andy Pettite followed: "The Boss put this team together. He set a standard for us to uphold. These guys embraced it and that makes it even sweeter to accomplish what we did."

"He's happy now," said George's elder son, Hank, who had spoken with their father after the victory, "He was just, I say, teary-eyed, emotional, very emotional."

The Yanks won not in spite of George Steinbrenner but because of him, his Will to Win.

This years team could be his ultimate accomplishment as the club rebounded from not even making the playoffs in 2008. In 2009 the Yankees opened a $1.5 billion monument of a stadium amidst the worst economic times since The Great Depression and Steinbrenner humbly watched his team close from Tampa with his 7th World Series Championship; sons Hal and Hank at the Helm of the richest team with the biggest brand in the business.

I know from experience George Steinbrenner is a very straight forward man who is not satisfied unless at the end of the year, every year, he and his team are at the top of the heap. No other owner in MLB is even close to amassing his time on top, his record, club championships, value added to his team or economic contributions to the game and MLB.

Whatever time George has left to enjoy I am sure he will savor but few moments will be as satisfying to him as his justly deserved moment on Wednesday night;

God Bless you George you are the greatest.....simply Brilliant!