Arod on the verge of Sainthood?


It’s amazing how swiftly and unpredictably things can turn around in this crazy game. In February, Alex Rodriguez was a pariah being fitted for sackcloth and doused with ashes. In October, he is verging on sainthood.
Clark Booth 10/16/09 Pilot

If you stayed up to watch Arod's 3rd clutch hit of the playoffs, a HR to right field off Angel reliever Brian Fuentes to tie ALCS game 2 for the Yanks which gives the Yanks a stranglehold on the AL Pennant you saw for yourself what Clark Booth foreshadowed. You also might have seen Yanks Manager Joe Girardi talk about Arod and 'how he is in a good place' or saw Alex talk about ' how I enjoyed the classic game but at 1 for 5 didn't do much otherwise than the HR.'

The fact of the matter is that the Yankees, and particularly their veteran right handed hitters, have turned the short porch in RF at the new Yankee Stadium into an extreme advantage for the home team. Both Arod and Jeter went yard on Saturday to RF on pitches away to them and up over the plate; that was really the difference in the game. In most ballparks throughout MLB there are just a handful of hitters in the entire league who can hit the ball out consistanly by hitting the ball to the opposite field . But in Yankee Stadium the Yanks have a number of veteran RHhers who can hit the ball up and out over the plate into the RF stands at home for a HR and it is a huge advantage to their team!

Arod is more successful hitting off speed pitching rather than harder throwing power pitchers. Mike Sciosia knows that if the Angels want to get back to NY and keep him in the Yard at Yankee stadium they will need to crowd him inside on his hands with fastballs or keep the ball way down in the strike zone around his knees when they pitch him away.

ARod might be a hero but does getting more offspeed pitches in the playoffs in a new ballpark that is a bandbox to RF really qualify for sainthood?

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