7 Keys to the World Series


7 Keys to the World Series

I believe this years World Series is going to be the most entertaining series of the last several years simply because it has the
most talented teams: the Yankees and the Phillies. The exciting thing is they matchup to each other like a mirror image.

Best Slugger Arod vs Howard
Best SS Jeter vs Rollins

Best 2B Cano vs. Utley
Best LHP & SP Sabbathia vs. Lee
Best Closer Rivera vs. Lidge

Best Leader Jeter vs. Rollins

So what will decide the series?
Here is a list of the keys:

Who will prevail the ole time baseball man Charlie Manuel or the New Wave Notebook Manager Joe Girardi?
How these men comport themselves in the dugout and the moves they make in game could easily be the most influential factor in deciding the series.

2)Home Field Advantage
4 Games in the AL could give the Yankees an edge because of their hitting depth and they use the DH all year. Biggest question for the Phillies is who DH's for them in games 1,2,6 and 7. And is this player good enough to help the Phils as an everyday DH?

Lidge was perfect all last year and this year in playoffs; Rivera is excellent all the time.

4)Starting Pitching Depth
With addition of Pedro and Cliff Lee to go with Blanton, Hamels and Happ the Phillies have 4 good starters and a swingman. Yanks have
3 dependable starters with Pettite, Sabbathia and AJ Burnett. Deciding between a 3 man rotation or 4 man rotation will be the first key decision for both teams and then how the rest of the staff handle their bullpen roles; 3 man could make more sense for Yanks with Sabbathia pitching games 1,4 and 7; Yanks weakness now becomes a strength. 4 Man rotation is probably Phils strongest option until the elimination game when it becomes all hands on deck.

5) Pitching Plan for AROD and HOWARD
Either team that neutralizes the other's slugger goes along way to shortening the opposing lineup. Look for balls up in the strike zone and in to both Arod and Howard in GAME 1 and below their waist or at their feet in Game 2 if Plan A doesn't work. If either team let's these great sluggers get comfortable watch out!

6)Wild Cards
Pedro and Happ for Phils; Cano and Johnny Damon for Yankees
Terrifically talented players under the radar who could rise to the occasion this fall. If any of this group takes charge they could carry their club to the promised land.

7) Captains Jeter and Rollins
Two most complete players in the game today combining,leadership, savvy,professionalism and talent.

If you are playing the Series in your own backyard and you are one team and your friend is the other you have some great players to emulate..................

So who do you love?