ASK ACTON FORUM : Beer and wine licence for the Acton Bowladrome

Question from an ActonForum reader :

I'm wondering if it's really a good idea to have a liquor license at the bowling alley that caters to "families"......from the article in the Beacon last week, I guess it's a done deal. Don't know all the details whether they only serve at certain times or what.....just curious.

ActonForum reply :

The Acton Bowladrome is owned and operated by the Sundberg family, long-time Acton residents. Their request for a beer and wine license was presented to the Board of Selectmen a few months ago, see :

(This is Part 2 of the meeting video, at approximately 30:05 during the meeting.)

As explained during their presentation, they are aware of the potential problems with serving alcohol at the bowling alley and have taken steps to prevent any abuse. The selectmen asked a lot of good questions, as they always do for liquor license applications, and were satisfied with the answers. It is unlikely that the Sundbergs would jeopardize their business by allowing the serving of beer and wine to become a problem.


We would love to have the

We would love to have the Bowladrome available to bring young visitors for
an evening of fun. Many places our family gathers (in many parts of the
country) feature refreshment opportunities that involve beer and wine.
Responsible owners make the choice to monitor their establishment so
everyone has a good time. For example, Julie's Place has operated as a
family friendly popular stop and now will continue with offering evening

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