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Globe reaffirms bias

I can no longer read the Boston Globe on a regular basis. It's liberal bias is simply overwhelming. It has seeped into its reporting and editorial judgment such that the paper is no longer trustworthy to deliver the news in an unbiased way. Fresh evidence of this can be found in the Sunday Globe of Dec. 21, 2014.

Bengazi update

A Republican-led U.S. House investigation into the Bengazi debacle has released a report indicating that there was no White House-led conspiracy to misdirect the public about the cause of the attack nor a purposeful decision not to send aid to the embassy personnel who were under attack. That is really good news, because it means we don't have to impeach President Obama nor charge former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with perjury.

Elections and shutdowns

What a fantastic day just two weeks ago as the voters nationwide repudiated Obama-style socialism in electing a landslide-worth of Republicans all across the country.

President Obama holds news conference after Asian trip

President Barack Obama held a news conference at Andrews Air Force Base upon his return to Washington, in which he said he had a very successful Asian trip, including major new agreements with China.

Things got a bit unruly when he moved into the question portion of the media event.

"Yes, Mary in the back for the first question."

How they got Obamacare passed

A good socialist believes that "the end justifies the means." They believe there are certain policies that are so beneficial to so many people that it is fine to lie, cheat, or steal your way to victory because there is a greater good involved. Health insurance for all (or so they said) evidently is one such policy.

Special Town Meeting November 12

There is a Special Town Meeting in Acton called for Wednesday night, November 12, 2014. The meeting will start at 7 pm in the usual place, the ABRHS Auditorium, which is at the back entrance to the High School off Hayward Rd. I expect there to be plenty of parking available.

The underlying dishonesty of deficit spending

Fiscal Conservatism 301

Conservatives have long argued for a federal balanced budget. Running deficits creates a lot of problems, although deficit spending isn't the only way that our politicians can spend our future wealth. (Unfunded liabilities are another, of course.)

But let's say there is an obvious example of the government wanting to do something, or several things, and making the decision to borrow the money to do them. What's wrong with that?

George W. Bush did not lie

President George W. Bush invaded Iraq because it had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and it was refusing to turn over those weapons to the UN. So we went in, removed a brutal dictator, and ended up mucking up the whole region.

Afterwards, no WMDs were found, or so we were told. That led to the "Bush lied, people died" slogan that made Bush almost as unpopular as President Obama is today.

Medicaid fraud

Fiscal conservatism 207

Let me start by saying that our economy can't survive long-term if everything we do is based on deficit spending.

Many people remember that during a couple of Bill Clinton's years as President, we had a modest surplus in public spending. That was 20 years ago. Since then, everything we do, everything we spend, is borrowed.

Financial cheating and hypocrisy

Fiscal Conservatism 206

There are lots of major financial purchases people make in their lives. Saving and paying for college is one of them.

Financially, college is thought to be an excellent investment. Those with college degrees end up earning more money, and of course college prepares most people for a white-collar life rather than a blue-collar life. Unless you like to do it, you won't be digging ditches if you have a college degree. So parents usually assume their kids will be going to college.

Can we expand government services?


In Part One (, I discussed the issue of when should the government provide services. There are some services government must provide, some that it should never provide, and some perhaps in-between.

How to help Hong Kong

We have a great country with a great economic system and freedom. But we deal with a lot of "bad actors" around the world.

We used to shun such political rivals, but we have since adopted a more "pragmatic" approach which allows us to negotiate and trade with them, and basically "hold our nose" and not interfere with their internal affairs.

This has got to stop.

China has created economic wealth because of us, yet they have declined to adopt a true free market, and more importantly, they supress freedom for their people and rule without free and fair elections.

When is government the right solution?

Fiscal Conservatism 205

POP QUIZ TIME! I have a proposal that will actually save trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of American lives over the next 10 years. Given this as true, are you in favor of the proposal? Answer at the end of this column.

Part One.

Fiscal conservative versus social liberal

Fiscal Conservatism 204

After dinner last night with the in-laws, who are strong Democratic Liberals, I was told that I should be a Democrat, not a Republican, because while I am a Fiscal Conservative, I am socially liberal. "I'm also a Fiscal Conservative" one of them said. Ha!

Time for curbside pickup

We all know Acton has very high property taxes with not a lot of services to show for it, other than our school system, which consumes about two-thirds of our taxes. The rest goes mostly for police, fire, highway, and town administration.

Funny Pix Four

Here is this month's Funny Pix. If you see something funny and take its picture, send it to Acton Forum!

For a link to previous photos, see

Captions for today's photo:

1. Coming soon, courtesy of Obamacare!

2. No thanks. Really, no thank you. I don't care even if it is free.

3. A tough decision. Give me the shingles shot please.

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Time for some Acton property tax relief

Another fiscal year just began, and now that Fall has arrived and school has started, we begin the annual town and school budgeting process that determines next year's budgets and eventually next year's property tax rates.

Whenever concerned citizens show up at Town Meeting and ask for lower spending levels and thus lower levels of taxation, the refrain that is heard is "not now." For our town leaders, it is never a good time to give taxpayers a break. In the 20 or so years I have lived in Acton, we have yet to have a year of no tax increase.

Climate change caveats

I'm a climate change/global warming agnostic. I have heard our President tell us the science is settled, yet whenever I look into the issue to a superficial degree, I see conflicting evidence and data.

Most of us are not climate scientists, so we get our information from experts who have studied this. Of course, scientists who get paid to research this issue not only develop expertise, but they also may develop bias.

When individual actions become collective

I recently did an article on global warming. In it, I argued that logic dictated that the United States (or any citizens therein) didn't need to take any steps to stop global warming. (See Climate Change Activists Illogical at

President Romney's press conference on September 11, 2014

Good evening. Thank you for joining me at this prime-time press conference on September 11, 2014. Thirteen years ago today, the United States suffered its worst terrorist attack on American soil. Please join me in silent prayer for the many victims of this tragedy.

I'd like to make a few opening remarks and then will take some questions from the media. I want to start off discussing an issue that has been talked about a lot lately, which is our military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Community-minded charity challenge at Acton Market

We received the following press release which I thought would be fun to share with our Acton Forum readers. Shows you the power of the Internet!

Tomorrow two teams from the Shepherd's Bush-based travel company Mr & Mrs Smith will compete, Apprentice-style, to sell fresh produce at Acton's bustling market in aid of horticultural therapy charity Mind-food.

Climate change activists illogical

Logic is a funny thing. We humans tend to agree with arguments that support our underlying beliefs and discount or ignore those that oppose them.

"Climate change," what used to be called "global warming," is a much debated topic. Liberals believe the science has been "settled" on this subject, while conservatives point to a small number of scientists who have not yet been convinced. And we continue to fund millions of dollars worth of scientific research to prove that the earth is overall getting warmer and debate what we as Americans can do about it.

Dealing with dictators

Fiscal Conservatism 203

Preventing medical bankruptcies

Fiscal Conservatism 202

In previous articles, we have defined why government, especially the federal government, should be limited. When government does things outside its mandate, it forces everyone to participate which is unfair. And government is inherently inefficient and has different priorities other than operating efficiently (so it will never be efficient).

Today versus tomorrow

Fiscal conservatism 201