We hit fundraising goal in 24 hours!

Acton Forum ran a “crowd-funding” campaign to pay for the latest batch of documents from the School related to the departure of a top school administrator who continued to be paid for 10 months while apparently not working. Since the School would answer none of our reasonable questions, we had to request documents to figure out what was happening.

Six months later, we are still waiting for answers. The School just told us that we would have to pay another $280 to get the balance of the documents we requested a half-year ago, and if the last batch of documents we received is any indication, we can expect many documents to be withheld and redacted. Still, by making them produce the documents, we can start on the long road of appeals with the state.

So we asked our readers to contribute to this latest cost since Acton Forum has no revenues and no income…and our readers responded. In less than 24 hours, we had raised the full $280. THANK YOU to our readership for making sure we have transparency in our local government and in how our property and meals tax money is being spent by our elected leaders and their agents.

I will be dropping off a check to the School this morning as I do my daily walk.

The School now has 10 days to produce the documents, including an index of any documents withheld and the reason for any redactions. We will report on what we receive when we receive it. Until then, we have a couple more pieces of news on this issue which we will publish shortly, including a second copy of a recent paystub that shows that Ms. Huber-O'Connell was paid $492.89 per hour for 10 hours of work during the two-week pay-period ending May 14, 2015.

For a recent summary of where we are, see the last article on this topic: The Huber-O'Connell mystery, http://www.actonforum.com/story/huber-oconnell-mystery.

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