The School just released the Executive Session minutes for the two meetings in which Glenn Brand was apparently forced to resign. These are the meetings of April 26 and May 2, 2017. You can read what has not been redacted of the minutes below.



Before going into Executive Session, the Committee first met in open session and read the reason for the executive sessions. The open session minutes are here:

4/26/17: DRAFT_OPEN_ SC.pdf


The minutes, while heavily redacted, do give some clues as to what transpired, including the second meeting which failed to produce a majority vote to reach a settlement with Brand, as SC member Paul Murphy abstained. He was later convinced to join with the plurality so the motion ended up passing narrowly, on a 11.5 - 7.5 (weighted) vote.

The 4/26 meeting, which lasted almost four hours, was held in executive session to discuss a complaint against an individual, presumably Glenn Brand. The complaint was made on 3/29 and the original meeting was scheduled for 4/11, but was postponed until 4/26. (For copies of the letter sent presumably to Brand about these meetings, see: Dr. Brand appeared with his attorney and the two sides negotiated having Brand leave the School system in weeks rather than when his contracted ended in June, 2018. The negotiations were finalized at the second ES meeting of 5/2.

By law, the annual evaluation of the Superintendent is done in open session, so there remains a question whether it was proper to hold discussions of this nature in executive session. Also, once the meeting left the topic of the complaint, it is questionable whether it was proper to continue the discussions behind closed doors.

After further review, Acton Forum will likely appeal the lengthy and numerous redactions to a higher authority.

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