Time to go, Krishnamurthy and Brolin

The Chair of the Acton-Boxborough Regional School Committee, Amy Krishnamurthy, and the former Chair, Mary Brolin, have failed to resign despite being publicly humiliated by the knowledge of their involvement in the effective firing of Dr. Glenn Brand last year, and then covering up their role by lying to the public when asked to explain Brand's sudden and unexpected departure. Brand was paid for the entire school year for not working, wasting over $200,000 in taxpayer funds.

The fact that Dr. Brand has now been "scooped up" by the Wilmington School District just underscores the poor decision to create the mess with Dr. Brand in the first place by trying to terminate him in the middle of his contract. Brand's hiring by Wilmington and the fact that he was a finalist in several other searches is further vindication of Brand and shows that these leaders not only exercised poor judgment, but fundamentally have poor judgment. To read the story about Brand's new position, click here: http://www.actonforum.com/story/dr-glenn-brand-lands-feet-wilmington

The "reason" (and I'm using that word loosely) for his termination was bogus to begin with. Brand got a call on a Friday from a parent who related an incident that had happened many years before of alleged sexual harassment of their child. Brand took action on Monday and removed the teacher from the classroom. I guess one business day wasn't fast enough for former School Committee (SC) Chair Mary Brolin and Brolin's co-conspirators who claimed it showed that Brand made bad decisions. Others would call it due process or due diligence, but one can now infer that Brolin, Krishnamurthy, and company were waiting for an excuse to remove Brand and when they got it, they took action.

The uproar that was caused in defense of Dr. Brand was deafening, but the well had been poisoned by the viper pit created by the SC leaders and Brand decided he was out for good...but not before the SC fulfilled their legal obligations to pay him for the remainder of his contract. That they did, providing more proof that the AB School Committee wronged him. As they said about Watergate, just follow the money.

Meanwhile, these same SC leaders then embarked on a disinformation campaign to fool the taxpayers and voters. They held a meeting of the SC in the HS auditorium and lied their pants off. The lies started by their constant insinuations by SC leaders and their lawyers that there were many possible reasons why Dr. Brand might be leaving, including bad actions by him. The enormous payment to Brand might have been a necessary by-product of a settlement. This might all have been believable, except for two facts. First, they had another incident just a couple of years prior, where they paid a top administrator her full salary and then some for not working. Why would you pay someone when a termination is justified? It makes little sense, and lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place.

Second, Acton Forum published the executive session minutes showing what happened during two secret meetings, and it is perfectly clear that Dr. Brand did nothing wrong and 100% of the fault lies with the SC and its leaders who engineered this coup. The rank and file SC members who sat with mouths closed and listened to several hours of lies told to protect the Committee bear responsibility for this as well. To read the executive session minutes and article, click here: http://www.actonforum.com/story/unredacted-executive-session-minutes-show-how-former-superintendent-glenn-brand-was-pressured-

Members without some secret agenda would have handled this quite differently if they had lost confidence in Dr. Brand. They would have let him finish out his contract and just started a new search. There was no legal or moral obligation to keep working with Brand past June, 2018. But it's been speculated that these leaders had another candidate in mind, one they thought might leave unless the path to Superintendent were cleared immediately.

How they handled Dr. Brand's termination was simple incompetence. Their motivations were immoral and part of a conspiracy. But what they did to cover it up to the public was worse. Their written statements and their public statements were full of outright lies. Amy Krishnamurthy and Mary Brolin are embarrassments to our towns and a reason why this cloud will continue to hover over Acton and Boxborough until they are gone. It is amazing that the SC as a body has not removed all leadership positions from these two, but I guess maybe collective guilt continues to provide them with a safe haven there.

Now, let's watch their new Superintendent search and see what the long-term ramifications of their subterfuge will be to the children of Acton and Boxborough. Let's hope our school system gets a leader of the caliber of Dr. Brand. I hope for the best but my expectations are now very low.

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