Senator Ed Markey, idiot

I am very concerned about North Korea, their missile program, their intentions, and what the U.S. may be forced to do rather than face a nuclear attack by this rogue regime. Recent partisan comments by Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) on this topic show what a =€$^*%# idiot this guy is.

Let me start by explaining to Senator Markey why allowing North Korea to develop and retain missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to the U.S. is a bad idea.

The U.S. has attempted to follow and enforce a policy of nuclear non-proliferation. This means that we are trying to limit how many countries have nuclear weapons. Let's take it as a given that this makes sense.

Democracies not under attack are very unlikely to use nuclear weapons unilaterally. Why would they? Most politicians know that this would be suicide, that the world would not stand by and allow a country to use such weapons without the severest of consequences. Plus, there are big countries on earth that could retaliate easily if their allies were so targeted. So first use would perhaps invite a devastating response.

A rogue regime might see the world differently. Imagine a country whose people are starving, whose regime is isolated, and whose leader is an international pariah. Such a leader might envision an outcome where his country is better off attacking someone else to force a change in circumstances. I can't imagine such a scenario, but perhaps a leader in that situation could. Do we want to take the small (but greater than zero) risk that allowing such a leader to have these weapons could mean they are used one day?

If the leader were a dictator who kills his own blood relatives in order to eliminate potential leadership rivals, who perhaps believes that having such weapons puts him on an equal footing with all other leaders of major powers, he might wake up one day and decide to believe a scenario in which he uses such weapons or instead he forces an attack to justify the use of such weapons "in defense." Perhaps by invading his neighbor?

It has often been written that partisan politics ends at the shore. In other words, we should act as one nation when it comes to foreign policy and national security. But Senator Markey is obviously not much of a reader.

So, as a sitting U.S. Senator and alleged leader, he is quoted as criticizing President Trump's recent announcement ratcheting up sanctions against North Korea, by saying that Trump was too soft on China. I wonder where Senator Markey was when our former Presidents for the last 20 or 30 years were looking all over the Globe but failed to spot these North Koreans. I can tell you, Markey wasn't getting an advanced degree in political science. But as an elected leader for that many years, he bears some responsibility for our collective inaction. Maybe the guy is trying to make up for lost time by getting involved now. Bad timing, Mr. Senator.

Here is his quote as reported in the WSJ: "China, the biggest enabler of North Korea's destabilizing activities, only gets a slap on the wrist, escaping any punishment in this package." This guy is a genius.

If Markey had any sense, he would realize this is a dangerous situation and a complicated (potential) negotiation and he would keep his mouth shut. But I guess the partisan lure of another attack on President Trump is just too strong for Ed Markey to resist. Never mind that President Trump is conducting perhaps the most dangerous foreign policy strategy since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ed, ask some of your colleagues in the Senate what that means.

Why would Trump not try to punish the Chinese more forcefully for allowing North Korea to evade some of the sanctions? Because he knows the Chinese are basically the only country on earth that has some real influence over the North Korean regime and he is trying to get them to take care of this problem which is in their back yard. If we really want to avoid military action, the best way to do this is not sanctions (which we are trying, but will likely be ineffective) but getting China to take decisive action. So Trump is allowing China the deference of a partner to help get them moving. It may not work but it is our best and perhaps only likely path to avoid war.

Does Markey want us to permanently alienate China so our (probably ineffective) sanctions work better? What a dolt.

I reluctantly went to Markey's website. He has a whole page devoted to his backseat driver advice to the President as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Here is the link for those fellow masochists out there: Markey says "the world needs real leadership." Well, on that score, as a witness and participant in over 20 years of lack of leadership, Markey is an expert.

Wait a minute. Perhaps Markey really is a student of diplomacy and negotiation? Perhaps he learned at the feet of Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton (Russia reset fame) and John Forbes Kerry (Iran appeasement fame). That would explain it...he is going for the trifecta!

If we want to avoid potentially catastrophic repercussions for the entire world, we need China to rein in this rogue regime. Let's keep pressuring North Korea as hard as we can while continuing to ask China to solve this problem. At some point, it will be clear if China is going to do something and if not, we can decide to abandon the sanctions altogether and do something else. Is that what China really wants? Or is China (and North Korea) banking on the same strategy of all talk, no action, that we've been employing for decades without success?

This Senator needs to find another line of work, and pronto.

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Markey is a dolt. Has been a dolt and will always be a dolt. Enough on the empty suit we elected to office! Nuclear proliferation is a problem for the world, not just the U.S. and not because some developing country will use nuclear weapons. The US is the only country to have used nuclear weapons and we did so not because we were poor but, simply because we were at war and we had a new weapon. Given the same or similar circumstances we would use them again. We should be opposed to all nuclear weapons and should pressure politicians to work towards their elimination. Let the world take care of North Korea and have the U.S. stop assuming all the trials and tribulations of the world are ours to manage.