President Trump, truth-teller

I was a reluctant Trump supporter for all the obvious reasons, who is starting to think that Donald Trump may be our best president in modern times. His State of the Union speech was filled with examples of how his policies (mostly mainstream Republican ideals) have been improving our lives and our economy, and how he has been reversing all the faults and mistakes of the previous administration.

One of the biggest surprises has been his honesty. The media has tried to paint a portrait of Trump as a liar, but when you think about it, the most important promises--those made as a candidate prior to the election--have been fulfilled, or he has attempted to fulfill them. And from his speech, he is not done. This is an incredibly refreshing remake of "normal" politicians of both stripes who have shown they can't be trusted.

Unlike his recent predecessors, there are true bipartisan compromise positions that Trump has staked out. Take the immigration debate. Mainstream Republicans are absolutely against the "pathway to citizenship" for "dreamers" because it rewards illegal acts, and it possibly helps bring voting rights to a large block of voters who might be more likely to support Trump's political opponents. Yet Trump showed flexibility by agreeing to compromise on this issue. Despite his talk of bipartisanship and bringing America together, I can't think of a single instance when former President Obama compromised, unless you count how he compromised his ethics.

Trump pointed out that his compromise would give 1.8 million "dreamers" a path to citizenship, which is three-times as many people as Obama's DACA order covered. But he wants a secure border and he wants to stop "chain" migration except for the immediate family.

Here is another compromise that Trump has offered. He is willing to keep spending money regardless of its effect on the deficit and debt. I think this is a huge mistake and not something I would support, but it shows that Trump is thinking of solutions. If I had to guess, I think his advisors would say that we need to put off tackling the deficit until our economy is growing fast, our trade deficits have been reversed, and the weakness ushered in by previous administrations are turned around. And maybe this is why I'm not a politician, because "kicking the can down the road" is not going to make this problem go away or get better. So while Trump promises to spend more on the military, infrastructure, and tax cuts, our debt keeps going up as interest rates seem ready to rise.

Trump also talked about helping inner cities (not even on the former President's radar, despite living in Chicago), spending $1.5 trillion on infrastructure, expanding the child tax credit for low-income Americans, and having paid parental leave. All of these are closer to the Dems position than the Republicans.

The most emotional part of Trump's speech was when he introduced the two sets of parents from Long Island who lost their two daughters to MS-13 gangsters. The Dems would have you believe that there are no costs to illegal immigration, or that the "work" these people do somehow make up for their actions as a group. It is clear that while relatively few people are directly affected by crimes committed by these illegal immigrants, the effects for these victims are disproportionate considering that the crimes would not have happened had they been refused entry. Unlike say a job, which is going to be filled by an American or an illegal immigrant, a criminal act is simply not going to be committed if the criminal isn't here.

President Trump alluded to the savings Americans will have on their federal taxes, and how companies are rewarding employees with bonuses and raises because of their tax reduction. Some companies are bringing back billions of dollars that were earned overseas but faced a high tax bite if transferred home. Other companies are building new plants in America instead of lower-cost countries. Trump said we've created over 2 million new jobs including 200,000 jobs in manufacturing in the last year. These are all good signs which could well accelerate as our economy picks up steam and we keep spending money.

One of Trump's biggest reversals of previous policy is his rejection of the climate-change myth. The Left believes the story that in order to save the planet, we need to stop digging coal and burning fossil fuels, while our political adversaries can keep doing so virtually unabated. This reversal of policy has made America an energy exporter which helps our allies and hurts our adversaries. And, as if I had to say it, makes zero difference to "climate change."

Even those who disagree with his policies have to give Trump credit for trying to fulfill his campaign promises. Isn't that what we want politicians to do, and isn't doing so admirable? After all, what else are elections for?

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Most people believe the climate on Earth is warming. Most scientists are concerned we are destroying the planet. Many people speak of the end of the Earth. Let's try to think for a moment. The Earth has gone through many changes since the big bang. During one of the changes an animal we call "man" evolved. During another change, the planet Earth had "giant" lizards. During another change the Earth was nothing but water. One thing all the changes have had in common are the changes to the Universe as it evolves. The Earth and the Universe, are undergoing change now simply because they are always undergoing change. If the current change results in the death of humans -- or all life on Earth -- it will be nothing more than evolution -- quite sad for the animals rendered extinct but not for the planet. Nature is so much greater than humans. We live because Nature -- Evolution -- has a current need for us. We should to preserve a place for humans but we should fully recognize the Universe is evolving and will do away with any and all species deemed to have run their course. Remember, we can't DESTROY the Earth, just us.


You have set up a town website! This is exciting to you, DJ. It brings to mind two words, SO WHAT. Such ugly, negative words offered on this site! The arrogance to assume you speak for the majority of Acton residents! Those of use who read the entries on this site know it is Allen's site. We also know Allen's position on most subjects and, I hope, find them interesting. Allen has worked diligently towards the improvement of our town.

I salute him -- and his strong supporters -- for accomplishments and efforts to date. Note DJ that I offer my name (Doug Williams) rather than a set of initials (DJ).

The climate change "myth"" 99% of scientists worldwide agree

Do you ever go to a dentist? Some people think dental cavities are a "myth" Did you ever visit a doctor? Some people think illness is a "myth" Get yourself into the 21st century please. Climate change is as real as a toothache.

Another Acton resident/taxpayer

More on Paris accords

I knew that the Paris Climate accords was a bad deal because I am a skeptic about global warming and I was sure that the developing world would never agree to reduce their expected carbon output because that would curtail their growth.

But after responding to DJ's comment, I decided to look it up. Evidently, I am right. A group from MIT took the promises in the accord and carried them out 75 years. They estimated it would make a 0.2 degrees Celsius difference over that period of time!

“Assuming the proposed cuts [under the Paris Agreement] are extended through 2100 but not deepened further, they result in about 0.2°C less warming by the end of the century,” the report said. (See

Case closed.


Allen Nitschelm has lived in Acton since 1998 and writes about fiscal issues at the
local and state level. He is a former member of the town's Finance Committee
and is an Associate Publisher of Acton Forum.

"Climate change" is a religion, not a fact

Hi DJ,

The climate change "story" told by the Left is an ever-evolving tale which continues to evolve as contrary evidence comes to light. So when you say that 99% of scientists agree, do you mean today, last week, last year, or last decade?

Because it wasn't too long ago (maybe 30 years) when global cooling and another possible ice-age was being predicted. What percent of scientists agreed with that assessment?

I'm not denying that the climate changes (it does that every season), nor am I claiming that there are no large changes that may be taking place. I am just a skeptic and don't swallow the entire tale without critical analysis.

My two major problems are pretty simple. First, is the entire chain of reasoning likely (no), and second, is "the world" going to act to stop it if it is in fact happening (no).

So long as countries like China and India continue to burn fossil fuels, and continents like Africa are going to increase their usage in the future, there is nothing we can do in America unilaterally to stop what may end up happening. And if you think the "Paris Accords" were going to significantly cut the carbon output from the rest of the developing world, you may want to do more research on that.


Allen Nitschelm has lived in Acton since 1998 and writes about fiscal issues at the
local and state level. He is a former member of the town's Finance Committee
and is an Associate Publisher of Acton Forum.

What you are is about the most disgusting type American around


Hello, reality, we've got a guy who loves money over actual facts here, and he's living in Acton Massachusetts !!

This guy thinks Trump tells the truth? Trump doesn't regard Putin as an enemy of democracy, Trump doesn't believe in the science of global climate change, Trump appoints people to the judicial bench who actually think religion has a place in making judgments.

OKAY, we have a loony living in Acton! AND he publishes a web site where people can read his opinions, double stupid idea, but very very helpful for those of us in the majority here in Acton: at least we know who the money-loving, completely without ethics or morality enemy is.

I'm starting my own web site, a contrarian view to this old man who loves his money over his love of his freedoms... I won't reveal the web site here, but those of you who actually live in Acton, or neighboring towns, or somewhere in the USA who want it.. I'll be glad to reveal the web site to you..just email me.......but, of course, Acton Forum will NOT allow me to post my email address much for freedom of speech.

Just take the first letters of my name here....D and J and add the name of the town, Acton... and find the most popular American email site is free, I welcome all opinions....and I am not in this for the money....heaven good liberal/progressive ever makes money on good ideas but those good ideas translated into the 40 hour work week, the weekend, vacations, quality education for our children, good medical care around the corner, and good EMT's to take us there in an emergency... actually each and everything we love about living where we do.

So, Allen, will you publish this letter? Will you continue to support Trump for being such a Russian/Putin kiss-up?

No, I hate your opinions, hate your way of rationalizations of absolutely historical destruction of the USA all in the name of you paying lower taxes. I think you will probably meet your fate, either through natural death or through the eventual re-affirmation of the Constitution: I.E. we do NOT countenance collusion with Russia in our elections, and we do NOT think that rich people, (like you), should run a web site supporting a traitor, Donald J. Trump.

Get a life, Allen, get over your money and learn to love someone, or maybe you're too old to do that.

Another Acton resident/taxpayer

Clinton and Russia

I am much more concerned about the ties the Clinton campaign and Clinton Foundation had with Russia, and her role in the sale of U.S. uranium. I am also more concerned that the FBI took Clinton opposition research and used it to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

I have seen no evidence that the Trump campaign "colluded" with Russia. I do believe the Russians may have tried helping Trump, just like many countries tried helping Obama get elected.

Frankly, I think the Russians are more interested in causing us to fight and roil in turmoil than help one candidate or the other. Clearly, Trump's agenda is not "pro-Russian" and he is clearly no tool of the Kremlin. But he is disrupting American politics and maybe that's why the Russians backed him. So even if Russian involvement were shown, I don't think it was collusion.

As far as taxes go, I want everyone to pay lower taxes, not just me. I think that is better for the entire country, our economy, and our future. And if you want to know the truth, I believe I will pay higher taxes under the Trump plan. But I still support it.

Trump's judicial picks have been great. He is not using a "religious" litmus test, he is using a "Constitutional" litmus test, meaning he wants the courts to interpret the law, not create it. You may disagree, but that is mainstream conservative thought. Compare that to the previous Presidency which decided to take unconstitutional measures to advance its agenda rather than go through Congress. Perhaps you would prefer that Trump operate like Obama, by fiat?

By the way, good luck with your website. I know, Liberals and progressives never make money on their ideas. Just think about Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, the mainstream media, Hollywood...

Have a great day!


Allen Nitschelm has lived in Acton since 1998 and writes about fiscal issues at the
local and state level. He is a former member of the town's Finance Committee
and is an Associate Publisher of Acton Forum.