Huber-O'Connell employment contract posted

The three-year employment agreement for Elizabeth Huber-O'Connell is now available on our website here:

The contract was for the second year of a three-year employment agreement ending on June 30, 2016. Acton school contracts for administrators are typically for three years.

The contract was to pay Huber-O'Connell $128,152 during the 2014-2015 school year. It does not specify that Huber-O'Connell was a 12-month employee but that is probably assumed. She signed the contract on June 3, 2014, or about three months before apparently departing.

The Superintendent reserves the right to terminate the contract "for reasons and by the process set forth in the appropriate General laws of Massachusetts." We do not know if the contract was terminated, if the employee resigned, or what happened.

We do know that Ms. Huber-O'Connell stopped participating in public meetings and an Interim Pupil Services Director was retroactively appointed to the post starting September 5, 2014. We also know that Ms. Huber-O'Connell continued to draw her salary for about 10 months, or the remainder of the school year, and then "retired." It now appears that she may have received more than just her salary in compensation, based on her May 14, 2015 paystub which listed a "misc pay" amount of $17,000. We do not know if she also received any other compensation in 2014 or after May, so we have asked for all payments to Ms. Huber-O'Connell for the past year as well as for a copy of her settlement or severance agreement, which the School has refused to release. We have appealed their refusal to the Secretary of State's office.


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