Andover held public forum for Town Manager candidates in 2015

In 2015, when the Town of Andover was choosing a new Town Manager, the Andover Selectmen sponsored a public forum for the two finalists, which consisted of questions from the public as well as opening and closing statements. The forum can be viewed here:

One of the finalists in Acton serves currently as the Assistant Town Manager of Andover.

At the Acton Board of Selectmen meeting on April 5, Town Manager search consultant Bob Mercier of Municipal Resources Inc. stated that it was highly unusual for towns to hold such events where members of the public could directly interact with candidates for Town Manager, although he did allow that such interactions were more common with School Superintendent searches. He said that in 10 years, he couldn't remember a single search where the Selectmen encouraged such citizen participation. As a Town Manager candidate himself, he only participated in one search where he personally interacted with members of the public from a town in which he was a named finalist.

Acton both allowed and encouraged citizen participation during its last Town Manager search in 2007. When candidates were publicly interviewed, members of the public were able to attend and ask questions of the candidates directly.

Another candidate, Sean Hendricks, who has served as the Killingly, CT Town Manager for four or five years, apparently also participated in interviews by members of the public prior to his selection. According to the Norwich Bulletin, "After months of searching and interviews conducted by the Town Council and members of the public, the council agreed to appoint Sean Hendricks, 47, as new town manager." (See

The Acton Board of Selectmen has decided not to allow citizens any opportunity to talk with, meet, or ask questions of the four finalists, and only plans on an hour-long interview per candidate on Saturday before a planned vote on Monday to hire one of the finalists. The BOS has encouraged citizens who would like to provide input to contact the Board of Selectmen.

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