Acton's municipal 2017 salary list

Acton released the 2017 W-2 Town Salary list and it is available here:

The list shows 44 employees earning more than $100,000 per year. Top earner was Town Manager Steve Ledoux at $194k. This is about a $6,000 reduction from last year, which had two employees earning over $200,000 and 39 over $100,000.

The AB Regional School payroll list should be available shortly. We will publish that information as soon as it is released. [See link here:

For previous years' W-2 earnings, see our Links and Documents page here:

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well, very well compensated employees

All this does not add the 75% health insurance or the economy tax busting 80% (ave best three years salary over career) retirement package. defined benefits. we will hear al the employees drone on about how hard they work- and they do. But no one will be able to work hard enough and have a housing market or overrides or well much of anything with the pensions coming on more and more every year. what is this not a tracked and publicly well-understood number of dollars and % of budget?
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Just a quick offering. The salaries and benefits of Acton town employees are negotiated by people we elect -- or by people hired by them. If we believe town employees are paid too much or have retirement packages that are too good then we should vote differently. We live in a democracy. We are responsible for the actions of the people whom we elect.