Abandonment of allies soon to end

President Obama will be leaving office in four weeks. But before he goes, he'd like to remind the world why America's leadership role has been in severe decline, and he found an elegant way to do so by throwing Israel under the U.N. bus.

The decision not to protect our only true Mideast ally from the racially motivated attacks on it from the Muslim world pales in comparison to his many foreign policy blunders, which all seem to stem from a worldwide retreat of American power and positive influence, to allow the other countries of the world their opportunity to fill the power void...and so they have. And in that wake are hundreds of thousands of dead Syrians, terrorist bombings galore, an expanding China and Russia, Al Qaeda in new hideouts, and a weakened U.S. military.

The "thinking" must be that if the U.S. withdraws from these conflicts, other countries will reduce their aggressive, expansionist, or militaristic choices in favor of peace. Welcome to the real world, Mr. Soon-to-be-Ex President.

And as every week's new terrorist incident unfolds, it becomes clear that the Obama "open border" doctrine is intellectually bankrupt. Unvetted refugees are not the way to help people in poverty or in war zones when a certain percentage of them are ticking time bombs. Obama would certainly win the booby prize if it weren't for Angela Merkel.

After his New Year's break, let me suggest a farewell apology tour for the President. He can start by going to Stockholm and returning his Nobel Peace Prize, and then pay homage to the various countries our policy has wronged, starting in Ukraine, then on to Syria, Israel, Libya, Egypt, and all the countries near the South China Sea other than China. But while on the tour, he is probably due for some expensive parting gifts from the Chinese and Russians. President Obama has done more to enhance their world standing than any President since Truman.

President-elect Trump is going to work with our allies because we are on the same side, even if they aren't perfect in every way. And our enemies will be encouraged to modify their behavior if they want to become our allies, rather than rewarding their bad behavior through appeasement like our current President has done. Do you think the Iranians will take U.S. sailors hostage, seize their vessel, and make them kneel at gun point under a President Trump? Haha, that was a rhetorical question.

The worst U.S. president in history is about to end his term, none too soon. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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Sorry sir. I daresay you're a bit confused. Obama's action was not taken "to protect our only true Mideast ally from the racially motivated attacks on it from the Muslim world." The action allowed a 14-0 vote of the U.N. Security Council to prevail. Those 14 countries are China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Angola, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela. Individually or collectively, these countries can hardly be defined as "the Muslim World."

Protecting Israel

Obama's policies from Day One have led to a weakening of the bond between the U.S. and Israel, and I can give you 10 examples. The U.N. resolution is only the latest, most blatant provocation. We can't get rid of this guy fast enough.

Now, the specific vote at the U.N. had many countries voting against Israel on the specific policy of settlements in the West Bank. I can understand why some countries might be confused that Israel would continue to build there because that would seem to go against the "two state" solution, but so long as Hamas and its terrorist allies refuse to compromise and accept Israel's right to exist, there is no reason for Israel to stop building where it wants in its own country. If the terrorists want to stop this building, pass a resolution accepting Israel's right to exist and we would have a Peace Treaty in about five minutes.

So what Israel is doing is actually very similar to what seems like the Trump tactic: push the envelope if your enemies won't compromise and be reasonable. If China wants to build on sandbars in the South China Sea, Trump will open up the "One China" policy with Taiwan. If Russia wants to rattle the nuclear cage, Trump will double down and ask if Russia wants an arms race, we are happy to join them.

Obama could "protect Israel" by doing what the U.S. has been doing for 30 or 40 years, and that is vetoing these U.N. resolutions meant to appease the Palestinians while they wage guerilla war. I do not defend or comment on the 14 or 140 other countries that want to conduct their Mideast foreign policy as they see fit. But for the U.S., we have one true friend over there, and it is Israel. It is our job, as their ally, to provide cover for them against their adversaries.

In this particular case, Trump worked behind the scenes to get Egypt to withdraw its resolution, and then (from what I read) the Obama administration worked on the other side! This wasn't just a case of the U.S. not using its veto. It was working with Israel's enemies. This was literally a stab in the back.

Their direct adversaries are the Muslims that surround them. Their indirect adversaries are the other countries that jump on the bandwagon to pass judgment on them. The U.S. may not like building settlements on the West Bank, and we can discuss that with Israel in private, but on the world stage, we need to stand with them.

So I stand by my original article, not confused in the least.


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