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Acton Lions Trivia

“Through my involvement in Lions, I received a greater awareness of the outside world and of the many opportunities that exist to serve other people,” said President Jimmy Carter. He also spoke to his time as a Lion as being as close to being an elected official as one could get.

"Closing of the Liberal Mind"

I have no idea who is out there or reading this stuff. I have no interest in winning political discussions but I am interested in how our country is being ripped apart. Unfortunately I don't see a two party system as being equally 50/50 responsible for the polarization, vitriol and in many cases utter hatred some Americans have for other Americans JUST because of political beliefs.

Practicing an "ism". The Modern American Political System

"ism"; a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology. We know this suffix commonly associated with racism, sexism.... A couple components that must be in place for any "ism" to exist is a belief that one is superior and to dehumanize the people in question as less than human. We have this in the political forum where we have two sides and such lack of tolerance and reason.

Local Volunteers Making an Impact this Christmas

In a world where commercialism may be taking over the simple message of Christmas, a local group of people focus on keeping the message of the season alive. The message is caring and helping others and sharing their time to help others. You might have seen these people around town participating in a mix of town functions and having a good time. These are the Acton Lions and they are helping people. If you have attended an event sponsored by them, you have helped people too!

Open Letter to Americans

In the course of our American history, our nation has always been divided into thirds regarding the notion or tolerance for declaring and engaging in war to defend our liberty. Today is no different. We have war mongers like the guys who want to bomb everything. We have far lefties who live under a shroud of Utopian ideals even in the face of evidence that they are wrong. Finally we have the third in the middle. It is to these people I plead.

AB Community Fitness Center

In a world where all adults are being encouraged to exercise more and fitness opportunities are limited due to weather, time, cost, and distance to commercials gyms, a community gym may be the answer!

Citizen Police Academy Week 4

On September 30, the gang met the police at the Nashoba Sportsmen’s Club for a talk on firearms and use of force. Our instructors were Officer Dan Silva and Officer Cooney.

Much of the talk surrounded the nature of the process of escalation. This is the process the police use to determine how a situation requires different levels of force. There is a use of force model that the police are trained to follow. It follows “Subject Action” categories and maps that to “Officer Response” categories. With each category comes an associated “risk perception category”.

Citizen Police Academy - Week 3

Citizen Police Academy – Week Three

Citizen Police Academy - Week 2

Citizen Police Academy

In the second week of this program we met with detectives who showed us how they work. Detectives are policemen who are not on active patrol but can respond if necessary as they have the same training. These people are seasoned veterans. A couple have been police for 19 and 30 years.

Acton Citizen Police Academy

A strong United States requires transparency from government and involvement from its citizenry. So, on a perfect sunny Tuesday in September, I attended the first of the Citizens Police Academy 10 week program at the Acton Public Safety Facility. The Public Safety Building houses the police, emergency dispatch (911) AND the Acton fire Department Administration, Chief, Deputy Chief and clerical staff. I am interested in writing this article so that my fellow townspeople can share what I am learning.