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Vote No to banning cannabis shops in Acton

The debate around cannabis sales in Acton and other towns has largely come down to questions of teen safety.

Acton Power Choice

At the April 2016 Acton Town Meeting, voters approved the Town pursuing a municipal electrical aggregation program. The fruits of this vote will show up, for most of us, in our October electricity bills, in which the energy supplier will change from Eversource to Dynegy, the supplier for the new Acton Power Choice program. That “supply” rate will go down from 10.729 cents per kWh to 10.720 cents per kWh. That's a small drop in the rate, but the price is good for two years — at a time when Eversource rates are going up steadily.

“Pay As You Throw” Overview and FAQs: Why It Makes Sense for Acton

My thanks to Allen for creating a great place for discussing issues. I've been reviewing the articles and comments, including the many questions and comments that came in with the survey, and other questions that came up at the March 4th forum at Town Hall. They've led those of us involved in this effort to do more research, and talk more with users of PAYT systems elsewhere, State staff. Town Staff and the Board of Selectmen.

Save Money and Reduce Trash

As trash gets more and more expensive to handle, the problems with our current trash pricing at the Transfer and Recycling Station have become more clear. Lowering the transfer station sticker price and instead charging for trash by the bag would lower costs for most users, increase recycling, and reduce the amount of trash we throw away.

Solarize Acton: How to reduce your electric bill now

Hello Fellow Actonians: I take great pleasure in getting my electric bill these days. How can that be? Because in most months my bill is $0.

The Great Acton Energy Challenge - 400 signups by March 15

Every house leaks energy. But where, and how much? That's your money radiating away from your home. Green Acton, the Town of Acton and AB PIP STEM have teamed up with Sagewell, Inc. to offer a FREE Thermal Imaging and Energy Analysis to Acton homeowners, and access to ways to fix those leaks.

But it will only happen if 400 households sign up by March 15 - please consider signing up now at http://sagewell.com/acton

Acton Will be Changing: What Can We Do?

It's easy to find lots to complain about in Acton. My list includes: too much traffic and few realistic alternatives to car travel, taxes too high, no walkable town center, no outdoor cafes, the overwhelming focus on the schools, the loss of historical buildings and landscapes, and all those people who just complain about Acton.

Win the Home Weatherization Raffle

Hello Acton Forum readers! Here's a blog enttry that's an invitation: If you play your cards right, you could have a dozen volunteers for a three-hour work session (under the guidance of skilled team leaders) to reduce your energy bill. We will reduce drafts, install water-saving devices, replace those hard-to-reach incandescent light bulbs with efficient ones, and more.

What are you doing here?

People have asked me: what's a nice liberal environmentalist like you doing in a place like the Acton Forum?

I respond that I am happy to be called an environmentalist, but I have no idea if I am a liberal or not.

Getting Back to 350

Three hundred fifty parts per million is the latest estimate of the maximum amount of CO2 our atmosphere can tolerate and still maintain the sort of climate to which human civilization is adapted and accustomed. Why should we care in Acton, and what can we do? An International Day of Climate Action has been called for October 24, and you can participate here in Acton, in Concord, or both. I share here what keeps me going, in the hope that it reminds you of what keeps you going.

Why Sewers are a Loser for Acton

Acton had a sustainable water system in the past. Now we are at risk of throwing it away.