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Where does Acton garbage go?

And how can Acton residents reduce their disposal costs?

Acton once had its own landfill, but that was closed many years ago. There are no new ones being opened in Acton because it is too expense to guarantee that it will not cause seepage into Acton’s water supply that all comes from wells.

Acton household garbage (not the recyclables) from the transfer station all goes to the Devens Recycling Center. There it is inspected and any obvious, large recyclables such as cardboard and metals get pulled and recycled.

Thank you, Acton. All’s well that ended well.

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It almost killed me, but here I am, two years cancer-free and in good health. A ten year battle like that makes you take stock and makes you look back at the things that helped you to come through a time of intense adversity.

Are Acton Leaders Turning their backs on the Public?

Last year, in the name of transparent government, the Acton Leadership Group (ALG) changed its seating arrangement to the same open arrangement used by the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee, and the School Committee. This was an excellent improvement and was taken in response to requests from members of the public who regularly attend the ALG meetings. It allowed the public to hear the debates of the ALG, which is arguably the most powerful budget and tax rate setting entity within Acton.

Keep Town Meeting, but it is time to improve it: From Clint on 6/2009

The traditional Acton Town Meeting can be greatly improved by using new technology presently available.