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Take "The People's Affordable Housing Survey"!

CLICK HERE to take "The People's Affordable Housing Survey"!

We all want housing to be more affordable, in Acton, right?

The goal of "The People's Affordable Housing Survey" is to figure out what the public wants when they say they want housing to be more affordable in Acton.

There are lots of surveys going around that are sponsored by people who are working for the construction industry and state/local agencies which depend on new con

Do you want Kelley's Corner to be Slower or Faster?

Hi everyone!

It seems intuitive that we'd want Kelley's Corner to be speedier, right?

But let's be careful with this.

Hundreds of people, including students, older people, people with disabilities cross at that intersection every day.

Far more regional traffic goes through the intersection, than local traffic.

The current design increases the curb-to-curb distance, increasing the time it takes to get across the street. Disability rights activists and parents worry that this decreases the safety of walkers. What do YOU think?