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Ask ActonForum: Type of Chlorine in Water?

Question from an ActonForum reader:

43 Mass. communities have apparently been buying chlorine from China Amesbury discovered problems (clumping,etc.) with the product. Does the Acton Water Dept. us this China-produced chlorine?

AskActonForum Reply:

Missing Flag on Davis Monument

Question from an ActonForum reader

I have noticed that the American flag has been missing from atop the Center Monument. Is there some reason? It was a shame not to have it flying on Patriot's Day and we are now approaching Memorial Day and still no flag.

AskActonForum reply

We asked Dean Charter, the town's Facilities Director to help answer this question. Here is his reply :

Special Town Meeting June 14th, 2010

Question from an ActonForum reader

What is the purpose of the June 14th Special Town Meeting ?

AskActonForum reply

Does Acton use "flaggers" or just police details ?

Question from an ActonForum reader

wondering if you know whether Acton utilized any "flaggers" (to replace police details) during 2009 or is the police dept. dedicated to using only police details???

AskActonForum reply

We asked the Acton Chief of Police, Frank Widmayer, to explain the "flaggers vs. police detail" situation. His reply :

What's happening with the rail trail?

Question from an ActonForum reader

Who would have thought that Chelmsford (Chelmsford! Of all places!) could get their section of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail done before Acton. What's up with that?

ActonForum reply:

ActonForum thanks Tom Michelman for this information :

The BFRT is being built in phases from North to South. The Chelmsford / Westford portion for years have been scheduled to be built prior to the Acton portion.

The attached has some details on the BFRT history.

ASK ACTON FORUM : A new "huge" 40B development off Newtown Road ?

Question from an ActonForum reader :

I've heard there is a "huge" 40B project being considered off Newtown Road. I was wondering about the details, like number of units, type of units, etc.

ActonForum reply :

No plans for a "huge" 40B project of Newtown Rd have been filed. There is a small 40B project on Lillian Rd which has been discussed at several Board of Selectmen meetings (last time on November 16th). Although the developer has increased the number of units from the original plan (to four 3-bedroom houses) this is not a "huge" project.

ASK ACTON FORUM : Beer and wine licence for the Acton Bowladrome

Question from an ActonForum reader :

I'm wondering if it's really a good idea to have a liquor license at the bowling alley that caters to "families"......from the article in the Beacon last week, I guess it's a done deal. Don't know all the details whether they only serve at certain times or what.....just curious.

ActonForum reply :

The Acton Bowladrome is owned and operated by the Sundberg family, long-time Acton residents. Their request for a beer and wine license was presented to the Board of Selectmen a few months ago, see :

ASK ACTON FORUM : A town Crematory ?

Question from an ActonForum reader :

Is the town considering building a crematory at one of the town cemeteries?

ActonForum reply :

It is being considered. We sent the question to the town Cemetery Commission and received the following reply from Stephen Barrett (Town of Acton Finance Director) :

"A proposal was put forth at a staff meeting this year to build a Town owned Crematory.
The proposal is currently being vetted."

ASK ACTON FORUM: Proposed new daycare center on Main Street

Question from an ActonForum reader about the proposed new daycare center :

Hi, We've been in and out of town lately, and missed the upshot of the debate over the new daycare center at 27 & rt. 2. There was nothing in the Beacon about any approval and the debate seemed to have just rolled over and died.

Can you fill us in? Thanks.

ActonForum reply :

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